2017 Pixel 7 Is the Most Anticipated Tablet of the Year, But Will It Be Released On Time? [VIDEO]

Dec 23, 2016 08:08 AM EST | Leonora Puno


The 2017 Pixel 7, a new name adopted for the Google Nexus 7, is considered the most awaited tablet of the year due to its new features. But rumors are rife regarding the reason for its delayed release, and if the Pixel 7 is not yet in the market by the first month of 2017, there is a big possibility that people will just grab the latest models of other brands instead.

The 2017 Pixel 7 was originally called Google Nexus 7, but because there are several products bearing the Nexus name, Google decided to give it a more unique title. This tablet is rumored to bear the Andromeda Operating System, which is highly compatible with Google's Chromebook, resulting in the most flexible operating system that can ever be found on mobile devices, according to News Everyday.

There were speculations that the Nexus 7 will be an upgraded Nexus tablet, but when no hint was evident that this would happen, it was concluded that indeed, the Nexus 7 and the 2017 Pixel 7 are one and the same, according to Mobile & Apps. Boasting a 7-inch display screen and running on Adreno 530 and Snapdragon 820, the 2017 Pixel 7 will be a new mobile device that is hard to beat.

Delays in the release of the 2017 Pixel 7 were attributed to a disagreement between Google and Huawei regarding the Huwaei logo to be placed on the 2017 Pixel 7. However, Google refused to agree to this term, and so production was momentarily placed on hold, according to GameNGuide.

With no news regarding the final release date, customers are still in doubt over whether they will soon get a Nexus 7 or a 2017 Pixel 7. If Google does not want to lose their potential buyers to other mobile phone brands, they should release the tablet as soon as they possibly can, or face the risk of losing the strong momentum the company has built for the product over the past few months.

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