Super Mario Run Debuted On Smartphones; Is It Really Everything Nintendo Fans Have Been Waiting For? [VIDEO]

Dec 17, 2016 07:10 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Super Mario Run, a Nintendo title that a whole generation of gamers grew up with, finally gave in to Super Mario fans' plea to make the game available on smartphones. One problem, however, is the fact that the game can only be played online. Once the internet is gone, Super Mario disappears, too.

Super Mario Run players have to purchase the game at a hefty price of nearly $10 in order to play it on their mobile phones, yet they still have to spend extra in order to play the game offline. This also means that those who hope to break the boredom of a long flight by playing the game might not be able to do so unless they pay for the Wi-Fi, according to Time. This can be a problem with players who do not have stable internet connection.

However, Super Mario Run on mobile means that players can enjoy the game while on a crowded train as long as Wi-Fi is available. The hero of the game seems to become quicker and more agile, and seeing the mascot run left and right and jump up and down is truly exciting and entertaining. This is aside from it being one of the best excuses to not have to stare at stranger's faces, according to Express. If not for this slight problem which Nintendo would soon resolve, the launching of Super Mario on mobile phones could have been perfect.

The app compensates for the rather dull and flat background that is noticeable as the game progresses. However, compared to other Run games, Super Mario Run on mobile phones has terrific animation with the hero moving more energetically and more gracefully than ever, according to IGN.

For players addicted to this game, downloading it to mobile phones may be costly, but then being able to play it without any interruption makes it all the more enjoyable. And when playing at home, one can adopt the most comfortable stance instead of just sitting in front of their consoles.

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