‘Pokemon Go’ Update Brings Unexpected Changes; Players Laud Increased Speed But Lament Few Pokemon Creatures [VIDEO]

Dec 18, 2016 07:33 AM EST | Leonora Puno

"Pokemon Go" fanatics had been waiting for the December update to arrive, expecting great things to happen in this game, as implied by the creator of Pokemon Go. But not all were pleased when it arrived. While many players expressed joy over the increased speed, many were disappointed by a lack of content and very few new creatures to be caught.

However, the update undeniably brought some good news to players. Speed was increased, allowing them to make several visits to "Poke Stops" while driving to their office or to wherever else they need to go. This was an improvement to the previous speed limit that had been established for Pokemon Go players prior to the update to prevent them from getting distracted while driving. With the increase in speed, players can drive fast but still be able to visit several Poke Stops and add more creatures to their collection, according to Sunday Express.

Another update was the appearance of a Christmas scene on the screen when opening the "Pokemon Go" game. This includes Pikachu wearing a Santa Clause hat, Snorlax, Clefairy and Squirty decorating a Christmas Tree and Pikachu using its power to make all the lights on the tree shine, infecting players with a festive mood, according to Mirror.

However, some Pokemon Go players who were excited about the update were disappointed after they found out that the number of monsters remained the same. Instead, players have to remain content with hatcable eggs that require them to walk several miles in the cold before they hatch. Some complained that except for Pikachu wearing a Santa Claus hat, nothing really changed in the game, according to Forbes.

If the Pokemon Go makers want the app to stay the top game of the year, they have to listen to the clamor of fans before making any further updates. This will ensure that whatever Niantic releases will be worth the long wait.

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