Rapper Azealia Banks Announces Miscarriage, Says It Is A Public Issue [VIDEO]

Dec 22, 2016 05:27 AM EST | Leonora Puno


Rapper Azealia Banks announced on her Facebook page that she had a miscarriage after a visit to the emergency room turned into a disaster. The "212" rapper confessed that she was experiencing depression and that she felt guilty and sad about losing her unborn baby. Her revelation elicited mixed reactions, and while her fans sound sympathetic, others think that she should have kept her miscarriage private.

The 25-year-old rapper is known for oversharing information about herself. In fact, it's grown to be a trademark of her behavior, with many observing that Azealia Banks vividly and continuously shares everything about her life on her social media pages. She reacted to criticism about the announcement saying that miscarriage is not just a personal issue, but rather an issue with all women, and said there is nothing wrong with talking about It publicly, according to E News.

She further shared how she felt when she saw the fetus, wondering about how it could have developed into a person. She said she regretted not having a chance to get to know child. She felt useless and thought there was no point to anything she had done and will do with her life, according to Holly Wood Life.

In her Facebook posts, Azealia Banks appealed to her readers for sound advice and words of wisdom, especially regarding the guilt and depression that she felt after the miscarriage. It appeared that she was blaming herself for losing her baby, in effect causing her many sleepless nights. Azealia Banks also asked the media not to treat a topic as serious as a miscarriage as something trivial, according to Digital Spy.

Azealia Banks shot to stardom when her single "212" became a hit. Her music career formally took off when she was 17, after she signed a contract with XL recordings. It is yet to be seen how her miscarriage, the lowest point in her life, might also be a pivotal turning point in her musical career. 

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