Are You Struggling with Car Repayments?

May 13, 2020 03:34 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

Are You Struggling with Car Repayments?

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Many people need to have access to a vehicle for work purposes, to visit friends and family, to get to appointments, and to transport the kids around. Many others don't need a car as such, but love the convenience, ease, and sense of freedom that car ownership gives them.

Of course, affordability can be an issue for some people who are buying a car, and many of them turn to finance. Getting finance on the car of your choice makes it far more affordable and means you can get the vehicle you want or need with greater ease. However, what happens if those car finance repayments become difficult to maintain further down the line? In this article, we will look at some of the steps to take if you are struggling with car finance repayments.

What You Can Do?

Sometimes, we take out finance in good faith, and we are certain that we can make the repayments without any problems. However, things and circumstances can change, and there may come a point where you are struggling to meet the repayments. The last thing you should do is simply ignore the problem, as this can mean your credit takes a battering and you lose your car.

One of the things you can do if you are in this situation is to find a provider that can refinance auto loans. The original deal you took out may be too expensive, hence your difficulties, or there may be better deals that have come onto the market since. By looking at refinancing, you can switch to a more suitable and affordable finance plan. Make sure you check the terms and interest rates on any refinance loan you consider, as you need to ensure it will help to ease the financial strain rather than making it worse.

Another thing you can consider is taking out a low rate loan to pay off the car finance. This may help to bring your repayments down, which means that the financial strain is eased. You need to find loans that come with very low rates in order to benefit from this, and you can take them out over an extended period to keep the monthly payments down as much as possible. Do bear in mind, however, that getting a standard loan from a mainstream lender will require you to have pretty good credit.

One final thing you may want to do is to contact the company you have finance with to see if they can help. If you are struggling with repayments in the short-term but you believe you can get back on track, you may be able to get a payment holiday or another solution such as extending the term of the finance. So, make sure you speak to your car finance company to see if and how they can assist you.

By considering these steps, you can minimize the risk of missing car finance payments and facing penalties as a result. 

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