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F1 Still Looking To Secure Miami Grand Prix

F1 Still Looking To Secure Miami Grand Prix

F1 is not one of the most popular sports in the USA. Where racing is concerned, NASCAR holds the title. The F1 was born and raised in Europe, and at the moment has only one Grand Prix in America, held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. more

90% of Serious Car Accidents Linked to Driver Error

90% of Serious Car Accidents Linked to Driver Error

Consumer watchdogs are demanding that new safety technology be required in automobiles after finding that 90% of serious car accidents are linked to driver error. The report found that only 44% of 2019 model vehicles had advanced safety features, such as automatic braking and forward collision warning systems. more

Drink Driving

Anti-DUI Safeguards May Soon be Standard in Vehicles

After a drunk driver slammed into a Kentucky family's vehicle, killing all five passengers, Congress is debating whether interlock devices should be mandatory for all vehicles. more

United Auto Workers Unions Open Talks with Automakers

United Auto Workers Unions Open Talks with Automakers

The United Auto Workers union entered tense labor talks with several automakers today. The union is opening talks with Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and GM at a delicate time when companies are cutting thousands of jobs and relocating plants overseas. more

Cyclist Deaths Rise Despite Car Safety Improvements

Cyclist Deaths Rise Despite Car Safety Improvements

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that the number of cyclist deaths rose 10% last year despite increasing safety improvements on automobiles. Front collision detection systems and blind-spot warning systems have been unable to curb cyclist deaths. more

Car Mechanics Still Face Asbestos Exposure Risks

Car Mechanics Still Face Asbestos Exposure Risks

Auto mechanics are still facing risks of asbestos exposure on a regular basis when working on brakes, heat seals and clutches. These components contain asbestos that breaks down over time and can become airborne as these parts start to wear down. more

Road Rage

MOD’s RoadWayve LED Screen Tackles the Problem of Road Rage

With more drivers on the road and more people distracted by smartphones, incidents of road rage are becoming increasingly common. Little has been done to address the problem, but a Philadelphia-based company called MOD is hoping to quell road rage with the use of RoadWayve. more


Florida to Allow Autonomous Cars with No Safety Driver Starting July 1

Starting July 1, a new law in Florida will allow autonomous vehicles with no safety drivers to circulate public roads in the state. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law with the intention of attracting self-driving-vehicle makers to the state and compete with California, Arizona and Nevada. more

Simple Ways to Save on Auto Repairs

Owning a car is expensive. Between gas, seasonal tune-ups, and major repairs, it steals a lot of your hard-earned money. more

Should Insurance monitor

When the insurance company monitors your driving in real time does it help?

The traditional model for setting auto insurance premiums has been to base rates on the motorist's driving history, age, gender and even marital status more

Low parking costs may encourage automobile use

Low Parking Costs May Encourage Automobile Use

The low cost of parking in many American cities may contribute to urban development that relies on automobile use and undercuts planners more


Can The Green Grand Prix Succeed?

Can an event like the Green Grand Prix really succeed for long? Here’s a breakdown of the future of green motorsports, and why it may not be as crazy as it sounds. more

Believing in Machines Can Out-do People May Fuel Acceptance of Self Driving Cars

In order for self-driving cars to hit the streets, more people may need to concede that machines can outperform humans, at least in some tasks, according to Penn State researchers. more

Win $5000

Win $5000 in Upgrades for Your Truck!

$5k Truck Parts Giveaway Sponsored by Barricade Off-Road more

Advantages of Park Assist System

Park Assist System has become indispensable to those who struggle with parallel parking space. It's a useful feature if you have limited parking space. Even very experienced people in city parking still seem to struggle when they have to find space to park in smaller than usual parking spaces. more

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