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Can The Green Grand Prix Succeed?

Can an event like the Green Grand Prix really succeed for long? Here’s a breakdown of the future of green motorsports, and why it may not be as crazy as it sounds. more

Believing in Machines Can Out-do People May Fuel Acceptance of Self Driving Cars

In order for self-driving cars to hit the streets, more people may need to concede that machines can outperform humans, at least in some tasks, according to Penn State researchers. more

Win $5000

Win $5000 in Upgrades for Your Truck!

$5k Truck Parts Giveaway Sponsored by Barricade Off-Road more

Advantages of Park Assist System

Park Assist System has become indispensable to those who struggle with parallel parking space. It's a useful feature if you have limited parking space. Even very experienced people in city parking still seem to struggle when they have to find space to park in smaller than usual parking spaces. more

8 Safety Features Your Car Must Have

Driving is a dangerous business, yet everyone has places they must get to one way or another. It’s thus natural for drivers to invest in car safety features which enable them to speedily get from point A to point B without having to worry in the event of a collision. Nevertheless, there are so many car safety features out there in this day and age that it can be hard to separate those which are worthwhile from those which you can safely ignore. more

Snooze mobiles: How vibrations in cars make drivers sleepy

New research has found the natural vibrations of cars make people sleepier, affecting concentration and alertness levels just 15 minutes after drivers get behind the wheel. more

World's top engineering students design and build Earth-friendly cars for competition

April 23, 2019 (Loudon, New Hampshire) - Hundreds of the world's top engineering students are expected to arrive at Dartmouth's one-of-a-kind Formula Hybrid Competition when it starts April 29, ready to put to the test the earth-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles they designed and built over the last 10 months. more

Russian Engineers (IMAGE)

Russian engineers to design the body of the Chinese car

Russian engineers took part in the design of one of the lightest SUVs of the BAIC Group more

Wheel Unit (IMAGE)

New wheel units could bring vehicle costs down

Vehicles could be affordably produced for a wide variety of specialized purposes using a sophisticated wheel unit developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo. more

Connected Vehicle Technology (IMAGE)

Filling in the gaps of connected car data helps transportation planners

If you have a new or late model car, most likely it's connected: GPS navigation, that infotainment panel, the wireless network your car creates -- they're all ways for your car to provide information, whether it's to give you directions, ping other vehicles, or to check in with infrastructure like traffic signals, signs or bridges. more

  How Shifting Demand Killed the Manual Transmission

How Shifting Demand Killed the Manual Transmission

How Shifting Demand Killed the Manual Transmission more


Engineers use Tiki torches in study of soot, diesel filters

Chemical engineers testing methods to improve efficiency of diesel engines while maintaining performance are getting help from a summer staple: Tiki torches. more

2018 Nissan Pathfinder with Rear Door Alert

Why 2018 Nissan Pathfinder Is Perfect For The Forgetful You

The 2018 Nissan Pathfinder's rear door alert is perfect for those who keep on forgetting anything on the back seat. more

2018 Toyota Supra Spied testing on the Nurburgring, Nordschleife!

2018 Toyota Supra Sounds And Looks Intense Because It Is!

The 2018 Toyota Supra gets resurrected since its last release in 2002. The 2002 model remains extremely popular to enthusiasts, and the latest Supra is sure to have steady supporters as well! more

2020 Ford Bronco! What you can expect!

2020 Ford Bronco Recently Spied? The Ultimate Off-Roader May Be All Prepped Up

Many speculate the recent sightings of a Ford vehicle could be the 2020 Ford Bronco. If it is, it means the off-roader may be ready to take on the road soon. more

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