6 Ways to Transform Your Car Interior

Jul 27, 2021 09:17 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

6 Ways to Transform Your Car Interior

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Upgrading your car's interior adds a personal touch, comfort, premium fixtures, and features to your vehicle. The inside of your car should reflect your personality, style, and comfort, and giving it a revamp will ensure that it looks the part. If you're looking to transform your car and give it an interior-designer look, this article will provide you with value-packed tips that you can consider. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Invest in seat covers

Investing in good quality seat covers will give your interior a whole new look. Whether you're looking to transform your all in one convertible car seats, boosters, and infant car seats, seat covers are an excellent choice for:

●      Protection: Covers protect your seats from dirt, grime, spills, stains, and they are easy to clean

●      UV protection: UV sun rays make your seats fade

●      When used on worn-out seats, covers give your vehicle a fresh new look

●      Seat covers help you customize your car according to your tastes and preferences

●      Go for quality seat covers that perfectly fit your seats and are durable

2. Transform your steering wheel with covers

Steering wheel covers enhance grip and protect the wheel from wear. Besides upgrading your interior by covering damaged steering wheels, covers also protect steering wheels from damage arising from extreme temperatures.

●      Leather covers: They are durable, and their breathable nature makes them provide a good grip, but they are costly and come in limited colors

●      Synthetic covers: They are high-quality, but they aren't long-lasting

●      Cloth or plush covers: They are meant to warm up steering wheels during cold seasons

●      Wooden covers: They give an elegant look to your car interior though they fade over time

●      Rubber covers: They give an extra grip on your wheel, and most of them are resistant to all weather changes

3. Storage pouches

Storage pouches are back car seat organizers essential for storing water bottles, mobile phones, baby accessories, and any other items. Storage pouches are available depending on your needs, such as:

●      Travel with children

●      Daily commutes

●      Trunk organizers

●      Holding purses

●      Road trips

4. Phone mounts

These mounts help drivers monitor their phone activity, use their GPS with ease, or listen to music without holding their phone. California Hands-Free law tells drivers where they should mount their phones.

5. USB plugin outlets

They fit directly into a car's auxiliary input and provide two to three USB outlets to help charge your electronic devices.

6. LED lights

These ambient lights that range from under-panel lamps to dashboards strip your car interior a sophisticated feel. Most of them are remote-controlled, enabling you to change colors as you deem fit.

7. Mats

Car carpets begin to look worn after years of use, especially under the pedals. You can get new car mats to add a fresh new look to your car interior.

8. Update some driver controls

If you don't have the financial capacity to replace the entire dashboard, replace the pedals with a sportier look. You can also fit in a new handbrake lever and a gear knob.

9. Infotainment

An infotainment system is a combination of several vehicle functions and systems operated through a central screen. Its features include phone connectivity for messaging and calls, and audio and entertainment functions like radio and media streaming. If you have an older infotainment system, you can consider replacing it with a modern system that has greater features and capabilities.


Transforming your car interior helps you customize it to your taste to increase your comfort while driving.

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