Porsche and EA Rumored to End Licensing Agreement: Does This Mean Porsche Cars Can Now Be Seen in Other Video Games? [VIDEO]

Dec 14, 2016 07:11 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Porsche and Electronic Arts Video Game Company were rumored to end their licensing agreement after around 15 years of partnership. This company gave EA exclusive rights to use Porsche cars in their video games, resulting to very little exposure to the car brand because they cannot be seen in other games. Likewise, some EA players may want to use cars aside from Porsche, so they end up playing other games that feature their favorite car brand.

Apparently, both parties wanted change and there is a big chance that their rumored separation was true. In fact, Porsche content was included in an upcoming video game Assetto Corsa, according to Autoblog. This supported the veracity of the rumor, considering arguments that the car company would not have allowed its cars to appear in this racing game if it was still tied to EA.

It can be recalled that Porsche signed a licensing agreement with EA in the year 2000 when the latter made "Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed" where only Porsche cars were featured. This agreement lasted for more than 15 years with both parties realizing that there is a need for some changes, and one of these changes is to end the licensing agreement, according to IGN. This means that players in EA will now have a chance to use other brands of cars, while Porsche may now be featured in any other video games.

Porsche cars' exclusivity to EA games had reduced its chances of getting exposed and promoted through video games. It can be noted that the young generation had many preferences when cars are the issue and sticking to just one car brand might drive away players who do not like Porsche, according to iDigital Times.

The move has become a cause for celebration among Porsche fans who do not play EA games because they can now play their favorite games using their dream car, the Porsche.

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