NES Classic Edition Sees High Demand This Christmas; Nintendo Lovers Might Find It Out Of Stock Soon [VIDEO]

Dec 22, 2016 05:27 AM EST | Leonora Puno


Sales of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition have soared this Christmas season as gift-buyers deem it the best present to grown up-children of the 80s who spent their childhood playing Nintendo. The NES Classic Edition disappeared from Best Buy shelves as fast as they were replenished. The stock is almost gone, and interested buyers need to make a run to the nearest Best Buy to be able to grab one.

NES sales were forecasted to go down in the midst of new games that do not use NES that were made available in the market. This caused the shortage and the NES craze a few days before Christmas. Poor reviews have caused Nintendo to feel that making more of the NES will be non-profitable in the long run, according to Forbes.

With the very high demand for the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo tried to get its hands on as many consoles as possible, but the shipment was always met by long lines of customers wanting to get one. Records show that in the United States alone, 196,000 NES Classic Edition consoles were sold since last month, something that was unexpected for a system that has been in use for more than three decades, according to Fortune.

The system's popularity went up even before the onset of the Christmas season, as it was considered the most sought-after gaming system. The NES Classic Edition was offered in Flash Sale but the stocks disappeared mere minutes after they were stacked on shelves, according to GameNGuide.

While those who were able to get one will enjoy several days of pure gaming fun and enjoyment, those who didn't might spend miserable days and nights wondering if they can still grab a NES Classic Edition before the holiday season comes to an end.

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