‘The OA’ Netflix Newest TV Series to Premier on December 16; Social Media Posts Leave Audiences Puzzled? [VIDEO]

Dec 14, 2016 07:11 AM EST | Leonora Puno

"The OA" surprise premiere slated on December 16 became the hottest topic of discussion, one of the biggest points being why the announcement was so sudden. Slated to stream on December 16, this 8-episode mystery is expected to grab the audience's curiosity and start a craze just a few days before its debut.

To add to the urgency of audiences to discover the unknown, Netflix has been feeding viewers bits of information that they need to solve like a puzzle in order to have a small idea of what will happen in "The OA". It seemed that the story has similarities with another Netflix series, "Stranger Things", which also features the narrative of a little girl who was subjected to experiments. "The OA" was made to fill the void that the end of "Stranger Things" created, according to Metro.

"The OA" is a story of a blind girl who disappeared but returned after seven years with her eyesight restored. It appeared that she was involved in some experiments regarding memory recall therapy and experiential recall as indicated by what appeared to be a cell for holding humans, according to TC.

In the teaser, indications of the supernatural features of "The OA" was the Empire of Light while the sci-fi nature was revealed in experiments depicted in images of humans with their heads encased in a huge machine and sensors attached to their bodies.

On the other hand, videos, messages and photos of the coming series earned mixed reactions from readers. Some of them reacted negatively to photos of a man jumping off a bridge while others defended the company for the posts, according to Auto Blog.

What the posts and teaser achieved was more puzzlement rather than clarity among the audience, and this can urge them to watch the first episode to find out what "The OA" is all about.

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