‘Overwatch’ DLC New Hero to Be Revealed; Will It Be Athena or Doomfist? [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 04:40 AM EST | Leonora

"Overwatch" fans are gearing up in anticipation of the latest hero to be revealed, with the two most rumored possibilities, Athena and Doomfist to be unveiled in January. Pictures showing the two characters and other indications were considered hints that the two will soon join the "Overwatch" heroes.

Athena can be a great addition to this game's heroes as she possesses knowledge and wisdom that her namesake in mythology, Athena, possessed. She is known to have full knowledge of the landscape of any places where a gamer's mission may bring him. She knows the right time to attack what strategy to use in order to win the battle, according to GAMENGUIDE.

While Athena is just a voice that gamers hear as she gives instructions during games, "Overwatch" fans are waiting for her to take a physical form as a robot and help protect the "Overwatch" universe considering that she works for it.

There were talks about Athena having been revealed already as the robot in a picture that featured "Overwatch" history, according to Redbull.com

The other choice, Doomfist, whose giant metal fist called the Gauntlet was seen in the trailer of the game. People in "Overwatch" universe have been fighting to own the said gauntlet. Speculations are high that Doomsfit, the original owner of the gauntlent would have physical form soon as a n additional hero, according to Team-Digitals.

Whoever will be added will surely be a welcome character for all players, considering that both Athena and Doomfist possess power to help teams win every battle. Doomfist can turn himself into a tank and play a big role in any shooting fight while Athena can provide teams with the best strategy to win any battle.

"Overwatch" still needs to complete the line up of 24 heroes and with Sombra the 22nd one, the 23rd hero to be revealed wiill either be Athena or Doomfist.

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