‘One Piece’ Chapter 846 Spoilers Speculate the Union of Pudding and Sanji; Will Wedding Bells Ring Soon?

Nov 22, 2016 04:00 AM EST | Leonora Puno

"One Piece" Chapter 846 is highly awaited by Manga fans all over the world as speculations about Sanji or Black Leg marrying Pudding has been filling spoilers for the next issue.

Sanji is the third son of the Vismoke Family and as such, he is a prince. Charlotte Purin known as Pudding is the thirty-fifth daughter of Charlotte Linlin, who is called Big Mom because she has 84 children from his 43 husbands and she leads Big Mom's Pirates.

With Sanji Vismoke leading the Straw Hat Pirates who are at war with Big Mom's men, there were rumors that the supposed wedding is just a ploy on the part of Sanji and Big Mom.

According to the Ecumenical news, the coming wedding is just part of a conspiracy that involved Sanji and Pudding.

Sanji knew that Big Mom placed bugs on Pudding's room to find out how he feels about Pudding. Pudding, on her part, is suspected of manipulating Sanji on the orders of Big Mom.

Straw Hat Pirates fans might be in for a big disappointment as spoilers of Chapter 846 are talking about a possible confrontation between Bobbin and Luffy and the big chance that"Big Mom's Pirates" will drive away the Straw Hat Pirates.

"One Piece" revolves around the search for "The Great Treasure of One Piece," which, as the legend say, have unimaginable value. It is said that this treasure can be claimed by someone worthy of it. Men's desire to be the first to find the treasure gave way to the "Great Age of Pirates. "

"Straw Hat Pirates" to which Sanji belongs and Big Mom's Pirates are all fighting each other to be the most worthy to get the Great Treasure.

Soon to be released, "One Piece" chapter 846 is expected to be grabbed by Manga Fans just seconds after its release.

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