‘Shameless’ Season 7: The Shameless Family Bids The Year Farewell In The Finale; Will There Be A Much-Anticipated Season 8? [VIDEO]

Dec 20, 2016 06:37 AM EST | Leonora Puno

The finale of the TV show "Shameless" Season 7 left viewers teary-eyed for the first time as Monica's children, who she abandoned when they were still very young, come together to mourn their mother's death. The script was a strong one wherein the characters underwent some changes for the better, as they were reunited as one family again.

Shameless Season 7 saw the stellar rise of the TV show as writers made improvements to the script so as not to repeat the lukewarm acceptance that they experienced in Shameless Season 7. Some scenes can be connected to the scenes in the earlier episodes, such as Fiona cleaning her father after he vomited out of drunkenness. The scene of the family eating breakfast around the table was one that made viewers fall in love with the show, according to Movie Pilot.

For some other TV shows, the finale could be the ultimate end of the show. But with climbing ratings, viewers have been waiting for Season 8, which might go on air next year. After Shameless Season 7, viewers clamored for another season, resulting in an official announcement regarding Shameless Season 8 next year, according Mashable Asia.

The announcement was made after the producers and star Emmy Rossum came to an agreement as to her demands. Shameless Season 7 star Emmy Rossum, who played the role of Fiona, demanded her pay to be increased so that it would be equal to that of William H. Macey, who played the role of Frank Gallagher, Fiona's father. After the parties came to an agreement, the producers made it official that Season 8 will be coming next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shameless Season 7 was part of the top 5 cable dramas among viewers aged 18 to 49. With the official announcement of Season 8 next year, viewers are now looking forward to another season of Shameless.

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