These 10 Cars from Peugeot’s Lineup that Should be Displayed in US Showrooms Anytime Soon

French invasion from Peugeot, with 10 cars that are either crossover or SUV inspired. Thought one is a station wagon variant included. Euro style French invasion from Peugeot, with 10 cars that are either crossover or SUV inspired. Thought one is a station wagon variant included. Euro style cars are a different flavor, though getting them in US showroom would be like fine French cuisine. Want burgers, maybe escargot for a change? more

Are SUVs Equitable with All the Problems Associated with It and Should it be Banned?

Is owning an SUV considered “equitable” when it comes to certain conditions. Several problems connected to it is prompting it to be “banned”. Some factors should be discussed. Read on and decide later if equitable and banned applies. more

Choosing the Safest Car to Buy: How to Know Whether your Chosen Car is Safe for your Family

The safest car to buy is an investment for safeguarding the lives of everyone on board. Road risks have proven that driving is the luck of the draw. It is no secret that big cars are the kingpins of safety, and small cars are trailing. more

Are You Ready for Waymo and its Autonomous cars? Here is everything that you need to know!

Remember all those Robo AI cars in the movies? Guess what they are here now, in a less intelligent form though. Waymo is what the service is called, and it is already rolled out for testing. more

Why Should You Get The Lincoln Corsair Premium 2020: The Compact Luxury SUV That is A1

Choose this compact luxury SUV, the Lincoln Corsair Premium for 2020. Everything about it is new with changes in the wheelbase that gives it larger proportions. Combine robust looks in a compact SUV compared to other models in this category. more

Do You Really Need a Car in Your Garage, Convincing Reasons to Get Rid of It Altogether

Will giving up the car in your garage, be a good thing? Here points to get rid of it. It is not easy, though disruptive trends challenging car ownership is emerging. Everything you have got to consider is listed do more

Will You Press Your Connected Car’s Network Kill Switch? Smart Cars Must Have It Now

When cars were analogue and mechanical, all we had to fear was a face to face hold up. Any connected car is a smart car-like "Swiss Cheese" with holes waiting for a breach. The solution as recommended, by Consumer Watchdog is to slap in a "Kill Switch". more

Are High Technology Cars Really Safe on the Road? Can Their Safety Systems Save Pedestrian Lives

Car makers are hell bent on adding the best high-technology with advanced safety systems. autonomous emergency brake (AEB) functions will reduce fatalities on the road. more

Before Accepting a Tesla Model 3 You Need To Watch out for these Issues and Problems It Has

When accepting delivery of your new Tesla Model 3; be vigilant for these issues and problems. Even after some time of use, better look out for them. Owning a Tesla is great, but if problems are serious. Decide to keep it or refund it? more

Should You Trade-In Your Old Ride for A Brand New Electric Car: Everything You Need to Know

Big wigs in the government are convinced that gas-guzzlers have to go to hot-foot off the streets permanently. Instead, take advantage of what the government offers in return to buying E-vehicles. Sounds convincing, but there is another side to consider. more

2019 SEMA Show: Hot Performance Concept Hyundai Veloster N Hatchback Will Blow Your Mind

For the "2019 SEMA Show" in Vegas, there is more to expect than SUVs. Tuner fanatics will rave at what Hyundai has cooked up! Not Kimchi or any other Korean dish but a "Hot Performance Concept Hyundai Veloster N" that looks really sleek and fast. more

Efficient and Cost effective, Get Any of These Seven Electric Cars That Will Make Your Wallet Happy

Buying an electric vehicle that will be efficient and cost-effective starts with these. From the freebies and other savings that these green cars are good for a happy wallet. Check them out and see what they offer. more

No More Parking Blues: Smart Cars Gets Smart with Tesla’s Smart Summons to Navigate Dreaded Parking Lots

Smart cars have one Achilles Hell that seems so trivial. Parking lots. Like human drivers who cannot pillow park or back up into a slot easily. In parking lots, they are prone to error. This prompted Tesla to create "Smart Summons" like those Sci-Fi flicks in the movies. more

Why Getting a Connected Car is Better and All the Benefits That Come with It

Unlike ordinary cars that are bricks, loud, dangerous, and emits carbon emissions. Cars that are connected is the exact opposite of it and better. Communicating with mobile and stationary devices in and out gives it an advantage. more

Emerging EV Startup Bollinger is Developing a Battery Electric Powered E-Pickup as An SUV Alternative

Zero-emissions is a problem with SUVs that are getting a bad rep. Nothing stays the same, in the US and other markets, they love their gas-guzzling beasts. As practical options with be more

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