Transform Your Autonomous Cars into Multi-Purpose Tool on Wheels with These Killer Apps

Dec 21, 2019 02:43 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Autonomous Cars Are Transformed into a Swiss-Knife on Four Wheels with These Killer Apps
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If apps are used with autonomous cars this increases their usefulness for personal and business opportunities.

Cars are getting exceedingly smart, especially when autonomous cars become as common as an apple pie. Just like any smart portable device we carry, an autonomous car will have advantages for their owner or their riders, if, like most digital devices, it is equipped for function.

For the businesses that will be spawned by autonomous drive-less cars, it will be a game-changer, to make it a profitable business platform. So, far Waymo autonomous cars are just Robo-taxis, but with better navigation, they can be more. One great thing too about these robo-cars is they might charge themselves on automatic, looking for the nearest charging pod.

All it has got to do is wait for a full charge and be on the move, to look for or be summoned via a mobile app. Another which will get everyone's attention will be all the apps it can be used with. Some comparisons will be that it is like a mobile device on wheels, that doubles as people carrier too.

All the apps might be over the air loading or connection to an integrated network, that is connected to.

1. Connecting with the homestead network to communicate with it.
Everyone sometimes forgets to close the light or turning off the appliances, no worries the car does it all without any command. Best thing ever might be asking the car to download a series that has been missed on Netflix.

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 2. It becomes a personal secretary to remind anyone of commitments.

 Forgetting things does happen, like important dates and appointment for everyone. Just make note of it, the car does the reminding to avoid missing important affairs. This is just like a personal secretary to keep everything on track while travelling to the destination.

3. Self-driving cars will pick up packages and go home like a metallic Rover dog.

 Spot fetch! Now, autonomous cars will do something like that when it comes to picking up and delivering anything to the doorstep of the owner or rider. Businesses will find this convenient and easy with 24-hour delivery too. Will pizza boys be scarce? They might, and a robo-car is waiting for the client to get the merchandise.

 4. Robo-cars will be someone's wingman if impressing is on the table for a great date.

 Best thing on a hot date, the car will have all possible restos to take that special someone. If more than restaurants are needed, maybe a recommendation for another activity in the city will do. Ask a question, and the car-wingman will help hit it off easily.

5. Sleeping while getting to the destination is easy since the car does all the driving as in robotic chauffeur.

 One problem with driving is dozing off, and long drives can take its toll. Driver-less cars will take anyone to the destination, without the need to stay awake. Let all the driving be done automatically and take a snooze.

 6. For long road trips just sit back and a robo-car rolls out the movies that may have been missed.

When all the driving is done by the AI, catching up on the latest series or movie is easy. If the trip is quite far, prep up for several movies while getting there. This might just be the only chance to relax and enjoy before getting there.

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