autonomous car

Autonomous Cars Are Transformed into a Swiss-Knife on Four Wheels with These Killer Apps

Transform Your Autonomous Cars into Multi-Purpose Tool on Wheels with These Killer Apps

If apps are used with autonomous cars this increases their usefulness for personal and business opportunities. more


Zoox: Top-secret Autonomous Car Developer Prepares for Real-World Tests

Highly-secretive startup Zoox is rumored to commence its real-world tests of its autonomous driving cars. more

Meet Sedric: The first concept car of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Sedric: A Self-Driving Car Of The Future

Volkswagen hints at what self-driving cars will look like and function in the future. more

2012 LA Auto Show Features Automotive Innovation

Ford Increases Number of Self-Driving Test Cars; Fleet Expansion Is Clearly On the Way [VIDEO]

For Motor Co. has expanded its fleet of 10 autonomous Fusion Hybrids by adding 20 more driverless vehicles, making the fleet 30. For Motor Co. is one of the pioneers in the field of developing autonomous cars but with new companies joining the race to the future of auto industry, Ford has to be ahead of them to be the leader. more

Jaguar Land Rover, Tata and Ford

JLR, Ford And Tata Motors Are Validating A Host Of Autonomous And Connected Car Tech, Aiming For Commercial Launch Around 2018

JLR has stated they are aiming for driving autonomy over the widest possible driving scenario, which includes off-road driving as well. more

Apple Car Concept

Apple Self-Driving System Could Be Integrated Onto To Other Cars In Future To Make Them Autonomous

The tech giant could be planning to launch the Apple self-driving system that could be fitted onto a third-party car to allow it to drive on its own. more

Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes Has A Treasure Trove Of Self-Driving Technologies It Had Perfected Back In Mid-80s

Mercedes and self-driving cars might not be as associated as Tesla is with its Autopilot system at the moment though the fact is the German manufacturer has perfected the technology three decades back. more

The Smiling Car

A Self-Driving Car That Smiles At Peestrians Seems To Be The Automotive Future We Are Heading Towards

After cars that can drive on its own, here is one that smiles at the pedestrians, which could well be the direction we are heading to. more

Apple Car Concept

Apple Car project Update: Focus Now on Developing Autonomous Navigation Software

Apple seems to have scaled back its Titan Project so that the company no longer seems interested in developing the actual car, but only the autonomous driving technology. more

3D Map

Japan Creating 3D Maps To Help Boost Autonomous Car Technology

Japan is pushing hard to create 3D maps of its entire roadways which will serve as a backbone to feed autonomous cars with all the data it needs to driving on its own. more

Tesla Worldwide Debut of Model X

Lawyer Rushed To The Hospital By Tesla Model X Using The Autopilot Feature

Joshua Neally was on his way home from work when he felt a sudden pain and tightness in his chest. He had his Tesla for about a week when the incident occurred and was grateful for the technology that it possessed. more

2015 Audi A4

Audi Cars Will Know How Long to Wait at the Red Light With the New V2I System

Audi has announced the launch of its new vehicle-to-infrastructure platform which it said will mark a new phase in the connected cars strategy which car makers believe is the future of driving. In the more immediate term, a few of Audi's future vehicles will get to know - and inform drivers accordingly - how long they have got to wait at the red light. more

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