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Autonomous Cars Are Transformed into a Swiss-Knife on Four Wheels with These Killer Apps

Transform Your Autonomous Cars into Multi-Purpose Tool on Wheels with These Killer Apps

If apps are used with autonomous cars this increases their usefulness for personal and business opportunities. more

The coming 5G revolution will change how we drive

The coming 5G revolution will change how we drive

Are you prepared to have a car that interacts with you and learn how you drive? It’s starting soon with the coming 5G revolution that will make cars smarter and innovate everything about driving as we know it! more

Uber Driverless Cars In Pittsburgh

Uber's Self-Driving Car Experiment Fails Pittsburgh

It seems Pittsburgh regrets hosting Uber for its self-driving car experiment. more

General Motors

General Motors Invests $14 Million in Autonomous Car Research, Adds 1,100 New Jobs

General Motors is investing $14 million and will hire 1,100 new jobs to help in autonomous car development more


Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Buys 5 Percent Stake in Tesla for $1.78 Billion

Tencent's recent investment gave Tesla the much-needed capital to cover its recent expansion project. more


Zoox: Top-secret Autonomous Car Developer Prepares for Real-World Tests

Highly-secretive startup Zoox is rumored to commence its real-world tests of its autonomous driving cars. more

Inside Uber's Self-Driving Car | WIRED

Uber Halts Self-Driving Car Tests After Arizona Crash

The recent crash is a big blow to Uber which is facing a lot of criticism lately. more


AutoX Creates Self-Driving Technology Using Only Cameras

AutoX introduces a radical way of treating autonomous driving technology without the need to use for costly sensors. more

Testing the tech that will power BMW's self-driving cars

Three Different Variations of BMW Self-Driving Cars Will Be Revealed In 2021

BMW is now offering three different versions of self-driving cars, which will be available in 2021. more

Meet Sedric: The first concept car of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Sedric: A Self-Driving Car Of The Future

Volkswagen hints at what self-driving cars will look like and function in the future. more

Ford And GM Report Large Drops In Monthly Sales

Ford Acquires Argo AI in Bid to Develop Self-Driving Cars

Car manufacturer Ford recently announced that the company will invest $1 billion towards the research and development machine-learning startup firm Argo AI. more

CNET News - Volvo's self-driving car test ride through the streets in Sweden

Volvo Seeks Volunteers To Test Their First Driverless Car

Volvo’s XC90 Drive me test vehicles will drive themselves outside London, but once inside the city the driver will have to take over. more

Self-Driving Cars: The Road Ahead - KQED QUEST

Soon Self-Driving Cars & Trucks Will Be Everywhere

Self-driving vehicles are taking over. more

Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Car ALVINN: A Technological Phenomenon Now Made Available? Updates And More [VIDEO]

Recent updates surfaced in the social media about this self-driving car ALVINN when two notable engineers, Oliver Cameron and Dean Pomerleau, involved in its enhancement projects posted a video of a self-driving car maneuvering itself with the use of a camera. more

Jaguar Land Rover, Tata and Ford

JLR, Ford And Tata Motors Are Validating A Host Of Autonomous And Connected Car Tech, Aiming For Commercial Launch Around 2018

JLR has stated they are aiming for driving autonomy over the widest possible driving scenario, which includes off-road driving as well. more

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