Soon Self-Driving Cars & Trucks Will Be Everywhere

Jan 04, 2017 11:07 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

2016 has been a year filled with great new technologies which could either help or destroy humanity in the future. The year 2017 is no different - at least, not yet.

One of the technologies in question is the self-driving car. Since the concept of self-driving cars and trucks have been released, it has opened a lot of debates whether or not it's good for the human race.

On one hand, it could be horrible for the economic system, leaving millions of drivers out of jobs. On the other, it could completely transform the way people live, lessening carbon footprints and traffic.

With this in mind, several car companies have revealed that they are planning to release fully autonomous cars and trucks in the United States by 2021. This means that the idea of having self-driving cars and trucks on the road is not merely a concept - it's already underway.

Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Tesla, Google and Uber are amongst these companies. Otto - a company owned by Uber - has recently sent a Budweiser beer delivery from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs by an autonomous truck. This happened towards the end of 2016.

Just recently, Daimler (a German multinational automotive corporation) put a driver-less truck platoon to the test in Germany. Another Super Truck was also introduced recently by Foton Motor Group and Baidu.

Gu Weihao, Baidu's Intelligent Vehicle general manager has said in a statement, "The mass deployment and implementation of driverless commercial cars may witness a boom as strong demand is projected for non-price sensitive buyers, usually company buyers."

More and more people have also become familiar with Delphi cars as some of its models are already out on the road for some test-drive and research. These self-driving cars feature a lot of sensors including LiDAR, radar and cameras.

In fact, some of the people who have tried and ridden a driver-less car preferred it over a cab with a human driver. According to sources, these cars are great especially in suburban streets.

People are now left wondering how will these self-driving vehicles affect the global workforce and the global economy. All of these questions are open to discussion.

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