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Autonomous Cars Are Transformed into a Swiss-Knife on Four Wheels with These Killer Apps

Transform Your Autonomous Cars into Multi-Purpose Tool on Wheels with These Killer Apps

If apps are used with autonomous cars this increases their usefulness for personal and business opportunities. more

 Uber Autonomous Self-Driving Car Fails to Stop and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

Uber's Self Driving Car Fails and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

The roads of America are not very safe, proof of that are pedestrian fatalities caused by vehicles on the road! What makes this incident different is that Uber's self-driving car is the culprit. more

Levels of Autonomous Driving and Technologies: Why Robo Trucks are Coming Soon on A Highway Near You

Autonomous driving is a game-changer in the trucking industry. What will the future be for Robo trucks? Find out below. more

According to Toyota: Don’t Expect Self-Driving Cars Anytime Soon Until Automation is Ironed Out

According to Toyota: Do Not Expect Self-Driving Cars Anytime Soon Until Automation is Ironed Out

Tackling the problem of engineering self- driving cars with level 5 autonomy levels. Toyota is working on car automation but does not agree it will happen soon. more

Autonomous Nissan Leaf to be demonstrated on UK roads

Nissan Motor Co. Joins BMW, Volkswagen For Mobileye REM Platform For Autonomous Driving Tech Advancement

Nissan deepened its relationship with self-driving technology company Mobileye as it is the 3rd company to have signed up for REM in order to advance autonomous driving tech. more

Infiniti QX50

Detroit Motor Show: 2018 Infiniti QX50 SUV Concept Remains Driver-Focused Despite Its Autonomous Technology; VC-T Engine Confirmed?

The Infiniti QX50 concept SUV remains driver-centric despite its driver-assist technology. more

Uber Experiments With Driverless Cars

Driverless And Green Cars To Dominate 2017, Other Trends That Will Impact The Auto Industry's Future [VIDEO]

Driverless and green cars are expected to be the trend in the auto industry in the most highly developed countries during 2017. This has become evident as big car companies are now focusing on building autonomous cars as well as hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric cars. These types of vehicles are known to have zero emissions, which will help sustain a clean and safe environment. more

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Waymo Receives 100 Self-Driving Cars From FCA; Are These Autonomous Mini-Vans All Set For The Road? [VIDEO]

Waymo, an entity tasked to make Google self-driving cars, partnered with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to make autonomous mini-vans that can drive people to their destinations in the fastest and safest way. FCA will provide Waymo with self-driving cars and Waymo engineers will outfit them with the company's latest autonomous vehicle technology. more

VW Creates Autonomous Tech, Focuses On Driver Element

VW Focuses On Driver Element; Patents Self-Driving Technology App

Volkswagen is going with the flow of the auto world change as it build a German Self-Driving Technology App for its drivers. more

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Self-Driving Cars: California Maybe Seeing A.I. Drivers Soon

The tech startup has been given the state's approval to test its driverless program. more

NY Times Cities For Tomorrow Conference

Alphabet's Sidewalk To Make High-Tech City With Self-Driving Cars

An urban district from scratch which would let people use varied connected technologies. Sounds interesting ,right? more

2015 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show

Tesla Offers Free Autopilot Trial For Model S

The company looks forward to ease the apprehension from prospective customers of the supercar. more

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Wireless Charging For Cars? It's Happening, And It Works With Tesla's Model S

US' ORNL and its partners are stepping ahead on wireless charging technology development. more

Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

NHTSA Builds Trust On Self-Driving Tech

The federal agency Nhtsa is helping consumers understand autonomous cars technology. more

Latest Car Models Showcased At New York Auto Show

Honda Introduces $20,000 Self-driving Car

More companies are gearing towards affordable driverless technology. more

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