LG V20: A Phone with Excellent Audio Recording Feature and More [Video]

Jan 14, 2017 07:45 PM EST | Leonora Puno

LG V20 made by the South Korean multinational electronics company, LG, was unveiled last Sept. 16 last year. This is a must-have for people who like to record music in their mobile phone that will sound like the original when played. This feature has made this new phone outshine other mobile phones, making it deserving of its price tag.

The LG V20 sports a double camera and runs on Android Nougat. With it, one can take a selfie without using a stick because it has a dual camera to do the work. It is made of aluminum used in making aircrafts, which means it is light but durable. For protection, it is sealed with a silicon material at the top and bottom parts, according to the Tech Radar.

The fact that the LG V20 has been built in a conventional way does not mean that it lacks exciting features. Aside from the excellent audio features, it also has a removable battery. This is convenient when traveling to places where there is no electricity. By charging full two or three batteries, users can always have a reserve once the battery in use is depleted, according to Engadget.

Just like any other gadgets, the KG V20 has some drawbacks. One is that it is not waterproof, unlike the other high-end phones that are water-resistant. Another setback is the glass, which easily breaks. Dropping the handset could mean a major damage on the glass. The battery has low capacity, which makes it necessary to have extra batteries for long journeys, according to Android Authority.

Users of LG V20 phones are advised to be careful when handling their device. The protective film covering the glass can be kept so that the surface is protected. Anything can be damaged when used carelessly. People must take care of their mobile phones at all times.


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