Android Nougat To Be Available In Moto Z Under Rogers And Telus Phone Carriers; Updates And Release Date Here [VIDEO]

Dec 26, 2016 07:00 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Android Nougat, Google's OS and an upgrade of Android Marshmallow, is now available to Moto Z users under the Rogers and Telus phone carriers. The update can now be downloaded to Moto Z starting on Dec. 21. However, some users might have to wait for the Android Nougat to be available on their mobile phones. All downloads with Rogers and Telus phone carriers are free for all Moto Z users.

Android Nougat is the most recent update of Google's OS, which succeeded the Android Marshmallow and comes in 7.0 and 7.1 versions, with more upgrades to follow. Moto Z users in India and Canada can now download Android Nougat with the updates to follow closely in the U.S. If everything goes well, Google will release its Android OTA as early as the second week of January, according to The Android Soul.

The Android Nougat is the freshest version of the Google OS and carries with it lots of outstanding features. With this OS, smartphone and tablet users can have multiple windows displayed at the same time. This means that one can read text messages while simultaneously watching videos.

Aside from this, the mail is now accessible from the notification screen and users do not have to open the email window to read and send mail. The phone can be put under doze mode in just a few seconds instead of the longer waiting time in the previous OS, according to AH.

Aside from the Moto Z, Android Nougat is now available for download on Nexus phones supported by Google, and it is preloaded to Google Pixel. This means people who buy the Google Pixel do not need to download the updated OS because Google Pixel is running on it already. Selected editions of Samsung and LG can also have the Android Nougat update, according to Techradar.

With the speed that Google is making updates to its OS, smartphone users will soon be enjoying its latest and best offerings.

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