Ride-Sharing Car Services Can Easily Replace Taxi Fleets, Research Reveals [Video]

Jan 04, 2017 05:30 PM EST | Leonora Puno


A research conducted by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) showed that taxi fleets that ply routes in major cities can easily be replaced by ride-sharing car services. This will give way to reduced waiting time, reduced pollution and reduced traffic congestion. The 13,000 taxis in a big city can be substituted by only 3,000 ride-sharing cars.

The study, which was conducted by scientists at the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT), was the first in-depth study regarding the impact of ride-sharing car services and the driverless cars of the future. The fact that 13,000 cars can easily be replaced by just 3,000 ride-sharing car services could mean minimum traffic congestion in busy cities, according to Fox News.

In order for the ride-sharing car services to be efficient, there is a need for a flexible system for ride-sharing car services. Fixed routes should be replaced by a system that can easily assign cars to places where there are people waiting for rides to their homes. In a ride-sharing car services, a system that will control where cars go will enable passengers to get rides in just a few minutes, according to The Verge.

Results of the said study will serve as basis in finding solution to the traffic congestion problems that are rampant in big and thickly populated cities. By developing a system that will direct ride-sharing car services so that cars can be deployed anywhere anytime instead of having fixed routes, traffic congestion will most likely be reduced by 300%, according to Forbes.

Such a situation is feared by drivers of taxi fleets though considering that thousands of them will be losing their jobs. In fact, protests against the operation of Uber had been staged in the UK and the US. But then, with ride-sharing car services growing at a fast rate, time will come when drivers and passengers have to accept the change.

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