Smart Windshield Offers New Frontier for Digital Advertising; Car Owners Earn While Driving Their Cars [video]

Jan 07, 2017 07:21 PM EST | Leonora Puno

Smart windshield might overtake iPhones as a frontier for digital advertising. Concepts for this technology were presented during the recently held Consumer Electronics Show 2017 at Las Vegas, Nevada. The smart windshield is a strategic place for advertisements as it cannot escape the sight of the driver and passenger. With connectivity among cars, advertising products on the smart windshield can be an effective marketing strategy.

Smart cars whose smart windshield is used for advertising can be programmed so that it understands the driver's buying patterns and habits. When the driver is hungry, the smart windshield will display images of the nearest eating places. Menu for the day and prices might pop up, offering the person time to think first before making his choice. Once a choice has been made, the smart car will stop where the items are sold, according to Automotive News.

Actually, many cars already display some advertisements on their windshield and other parts of the body of the car. By opting for smart windshield, the owner of the car increases the probability of having the advertisement seen. While people on the road can see the advertisement on the car's exterior, the driver and passenger will have a clearer view of such digital advertisements, according to Bloomberg.

The virtual assistant of most modern cars that are connected can monitor the needs of driver and passenger and convert this into money-making opportunity. Mapping and navigational information can be added to make it easier for the smart car to connect to a company advertising in the smart windshield. Even if there is a food outlet a few meters away, the car will direct itself to one which is paying advertising space in the car smart windshield, according to Irish Times.

Paid advertisements in a car's smart windshield can bring revenue to the car owner. Because are always mobile, they can reach big number of audience in just a few trips. This means cash flowing in as the car travels long distances. Smart windshield will be one platform for having effective advertising campaigns.

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