Samsung Gear S3 Gets Update; The Battle Between Samsung Gear S3 And Apple Watch Is On; Who Will Win? [VIDEO]

Dec 28, 2016 05:04 AM EST | Leonora Puno

The Samsung Gear S3, one of the newest smartwatches to hit the market, has just received an update that will allow it to rival the Apple Watch among wearable items. Samsung launched its smartwatch to accompany the mobile phones and tablets it made in 2013 while Apple launched its Smartwatch in 2015. Apple emerged as the leading brand, but with the arrival of Samsung Gear S3, Apple might face fierce competition.

The Samsung Gear S3 hit the market several weeks ago and it has already been given some updates. Customers are given two options, the Frontier for outdoor use and the Classic for a more luxurious choice. Both run on Samsung's operating system, the Tizen, with the rotating bezel restored. Both smartwatches features a GPS for tracking, and a speaker for making and receiving calls. Customers can pay for the Samsung Gear S3 through the Samsung Pay feature of the smartwatch, according to Wareable.

An update just several weeks after the Samsung Gear S3 came out added a significant feature, and this is the Spotify App. With this app, customers can control music streaming with playlists provided so that changing songs manually will not be necessary. This makes everything convenient and easy to control from one's wrist, according to Mobile Updates.

Taking a look at the two brands, one can see that the Samsung Gear S3 is bigger than the Apple Smartwatch, giving the latter an advantage when it comes to attracting female customers. When it comes to design, it seems that Apple Smartwatch beats Samsung. However, when it comes to power, Samsung Gear S3 seems to be better with 4GB compared to Apple's supposedly 2GB. Samsung Gear S3 also beats Apple Smartwatch hands down in terms of connectivity as it has WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, according to Value Walk.

For people who consider price, the Apple Smartwatch might be the choice. But for people who prefer high connectivity, Samsung Gear S3 is the obvious option.

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