Pokemon Go Plus Official Restocks: Release Date Confirmed - A New Update Is Coming?

Jan 12, 2017 07:40 AM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

The tiny device called Pokemon Go Plus is a hot commodity scarce to all Pokemon Go players. Yes! It may be tiny, but Nintendo failed to supply the demands of the said device. Today, Nintendo announced that supplies are in, and Pokemon Go players can now have a chance in getting their hands on the said device.

Pokemon Go Plus release date is set March 31st, and players are invited to pre-order in order to get a head start from the rest. Nintendo will post the device on their official Nintendo online store, according to Express. Nintendo set the order system to "one per person" only in order to avoid bulk buying, and also to make sure everyone has a chance to purchase. Pre-orders will cost £34.99.

The update is specifically for Nintendo UK only. As of the moment, Nintendo of America has not commented regarding Pokemon Go Plus stocks in the US.

Pokemon Go Plus is a portable device that allows Pokemon Go users to enjoy playing the game without looking at their smartphones. The device is connected via Bluetooth which then notifies players about events and Pokemon nearby. It also allows players to catch nearby Pokemon through pressing the device button.

Niantic also revealed a possible Pokemon Go update after dropping the said news. On mail sent by Niantic, it says "That's all for now. Look for another update from [Niantic] in a few weeks." Niantic added to get a special message from Professor Willow and reminded to stay alerted in playing Pokemon Go.

The said message is linked to a possibility that new Pokemon will be revealed later this month. There are speculations saying that the new and upcoming Pokemon will be released in clusters and will be released through mini-events by Niantic.

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