[REVIEW] AMD Ryzen And Vega Delivers Great Dynamics - 'Reports Claimed Ryzen Can Be Overclocked To 7GHz?'

Jan 06, 2017 12:56 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

The highly anticipated AMD Ryzen together with its Next-Gen GPU "Vega," and AM4 Motherboards have created a huge buzz on the internet. Numerous reports claimed that Ryzen can reach more than expected and that details provided are just a pinch of what's to come. This week at CES 2017 event, AMD gave its faithful a taste of the incredible duo of AMD Ryzen and Vega.

So far, the details released by AMD about Ryzen are very limited. It says that AMD Ryzen which is a 14nm FinFEt processor will exhibit 8-core, 16-thread SKUs with 3.4+ GHz clock speeds and 20 MB of the total cache according to Hothardware. Today, AMD Ryzen was given a dry run under Vega which is also manufactured using a 12nm FinFET processor.

The result in running Ryzen and Vega together is incredible. Under a 4K Ultra configuration setting, AMD Ryzen and Vega delivers an astonishing 70 FPS in some areas, but it ranges within 60-70 throughout the dry run. That is pretty amazing for its first showing.

As previously reported, the AMD Ryzen turbo speed is 4GHz. But, according to this source, the Ryzen can overclock up to 5GHz in a single core only. Although during the CES 2017 event showing, the AMD Ryzen only registered 3.9 GHz. Reports speculate that it only registered to 3.9 GHz because of the demo chip used.

Furthermore, reports claimed that AMD Ryzen can overclock up to 7 GHz. There is still no proof behind this claim, therefore, fans should take it with a grain of salt. With regard to AMD Ryzen pricing, as speculated the Zen SR7's SRP will be within $349 to $499. The AMD Ryzen SR5 price starts at $249 and the SR3 at $149.

Now that AMD has revealed its beatly microprocessor chip, Intels back are against the wall. The strict competition against two Tech giants opens an never ending debate. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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