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Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go!

Legendary Pokemons Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew Will Be Available In Pokemon Go This Year

There will now be Legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go This Year. more

Uber Experiments With Driverless Cars

Best Auto Trends 2017: Driverless Cars, Augmented Reality And More

Much like cars being crammed onto streets during peak hours, automative tech trends are also multiplying like bunnies. Learn what's in store for auto trends this 2017. more

Pokemon GO' Update Leaves Rooted, Jailbroken Phones Banned; Players Demand Immediate Refund

'Pokemon GO' Update Leaves Rooted, Jailbroken Phones Banned; Players Demand Immediate Refund

As 'Pokemon GO' plans for a resurgence with their latest update, they are met with a multitude of complaints, particularly by players with rooted phones. more

Pokemon GO

'Pokeman Go' Latest Update Introduces the Much Awaited Buddy System, But is it Enough?

The latest update for 'Pokemon Go' has just been released, introducing new changes, fixes, and features. The question now is, "is it enough" to lure people back to the game again?" more

Pokemon Go Launches In Japan

Pokemon Go' Issues: Phone's GPS Accuracy Compromised By Game?

Pokemon is surely on the decline as more and more issues are plaguing the game. more

Pokemon GO

'Pokemon GO' Banning Disabled Players? Niantic Faces Heavy Scrutiny Amid Public Outcry

"Pokemon GO" is facing several criticisms now due to its latest update that discourages disabled players from playing the game. more

Pokemon GO Goes Live

Pokémon Go Buddy System Coming Soon: Can It Stop Road Accidents?

The Pokemon Go Buddy System, a new update for the popular Niantic Game Pokemon Go may probably happen soon as data miners found a leak to the upcoming feature. The new Buddy System will offer candy rewards for players who "truly" walk. Is this Pokemon Go's way of finally stop, if not decreased road accidents due to the game? It looks like it. more

Pokemon Go

Volkswagen Bans Workers From Playing Pokémon Go While On Duty Citing Security Risk And Safety Hazards

Volkswagen has let out a new directive to its employees that prohibits them from playing the game Pokémon Go while on work or when on company premises. Going a step further, the carmaker is even suggesting its employees not to have the game installed on their work devices such as smartphones or tablets. more

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

No More Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

People around the world are going crazy about Pokemon Go. Aiming to capture the largest number of Pokémones they can and level up. However, in this madness some motorists put aside their safety and drive with mobile phone in hand. Not anymore! Pokemon Go released an update that will stop drivers from playing while driving. more

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Pokemon GO Third Party Tracking App Still Works? Find Out How Here

Pokemon GO developer- Niantic, has been facing issues since the last update. The players are disappointed because the company removed all the third party tracking site which helped them catch the creatures. Meanwhile, another news revealed that application still works on some devices. more

German F1 Grand Prix - Previews

Mercedez-Benz, Pokemon GO Partnership? Catch Pokemons In Their Showrooms!

The Pokemon GO craze continues to invade the globe. Aside from taking advantage of the devices' capabilities, Niantic adds spice to the use of mobile phones by introducing this interactive game. Even the German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, have noticed the effect of the app to the public. more

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