Pokemon Go' Issues: Phone's GPS Accuracy Compromised By Game?

Sep 07, 2016 05:04 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

Looks like more and more problems for the declining "Pokemon GO" are emerging more frequently, with latest user reports stating that the augmented reality game causes issues in a device's GPS accuracy. Many users have claimed that ever since they downloaded and played the game, their GPS tracker has now not been displaying accurate readings anymore. 

'Pokemon GO' Causing GPS Problems?

Niantic had an event to celebrate when this week Google included a dedicated Catching Pokémon' feature in Maps, but the company may now have a whole new problem on its hands. Redditor Cameocoder has reported a bug in "Pokémon GO" that prevents cellphones from accurately acquiring location in GPS trackers. What's more concerning is that as long as the game is running in the background, the issue might also persist in other apps.

The Fall of 'Pokemon GO'

Cameocoder first detected the glitch when he noticed that tracking his location with fitness app Map My Run showed different results whenever "Pokémon GO" was running in the background. The Redditor further stated that the issue continues as long as the game is running. After some testing, Cameocoder concluded that running Map My Run while playing Pokémon Go causes a malfunction in his device that restricts it from locking onto a GPS satellite to accurately register location information.

Influx of Problem Surround Pokemon Go

The Redditor also claims that Niantic's game doesn't simply fail to acquire location within the game, but "actually disrupts the device's GPS," hampering all tracking activities simultaneously. Cameocoder encountered the flaw using a Google Nexus 5 smartphone, but the good news is that he hasn't noticed the issue in different other devices, so far.

As of now, Niantic is working on fixing the issue, though the developer has not announced an official statement about the problem as of yet.

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