Big Three Developers Shared Insights Regarding Switch NVIDIA Development, And Power - What Are They Excited About?

Jan 08, 2017 06:30 PM EST | JM Zamora

Four more days before Nintendo Switch will be fully revealed to the public eye. Basing on the numerous support it receives from game developers, no wonder it is the most anticipated console ever. In fact, Nintendo Switch is so popular that game makers such as Graham Smith from DrinkBox, Chris Kingsley from Rebellion Developments, and Mel Kirk from Zen Studios look forward to Switch's release. They have shared their insights regarding Nintendo Switch NVIDIA Development, and power capacities in an interview with GamesTM.

When it comes to Nintendo Switch's capabilities in revolutionizing gaming, Kirk agreed that Nintendo is positioning itself more as a "home console that can be taken on the go." It does not dwell more about system horsepower and technology aspects, but more on the gaming experience that can be enjoyed without interruption.

Meanwhile, Kingsley said that Nintendo Switch is more powerful in terms of mobile consoles. But, for others who are used with Triple-A Developments, the Switch may not be that powerful. Kingsley is still optimistic about Switch. He said, "there's quite a wide and diverse range of game types, so there's a lot more opportunity for all developers." Surely, both agreed that Nintendo Switch is opening more possibilities for developers to tap into according to Nintendo Everything.

Smith, Kingsley, and Kirk discussed as well their insights regarding Nintendo Switch's NVIDIA development. The Trio agreed that Nintendo Switch's platform is easy to develop since almost all developers have experienced running in NVIDIA tools. According to Smith, "Nintendo has been in the console business for so long at this point that I'd be very surprised if they did anything to make working with the Switch hardware more difficult than working with their previous consoles."

GamesTM asked the three developers on what they are most excited about Nintendo Switch. Kingsley is more excited about the flexibility of the controllers. Smith and Kirk are excited about Nintendo Switch portability.

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