Lexus says 'NO' To Autonomous Car Competition

Jan 11, 2017 05:30 AM EST | JM Zamora

Tesla, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz revealed their own versions of Autonomous Cars. This time, all eyes are at Lexus who seems to be behind the pack.

Lexus President, Tokuo Fukuichi, proves the allegation that the company indeed fall short in the semi-autonomous technology competition. Fukuichi accepted defeat instead of competing with company bragging rights. "One of the difficulties we have now is that all the companies are competing with having the most high-technology items, but part of the problem is that customers are lost in that conversation," says Fukuichi.

Lexus latest creation, the LS Limousine features lane-keep assistance seems basic compared to Tesla's autopilot and Mercedes-Benz's active lane keeping assist. LS competitions can go full hands-free freeway driving for one minute or longer. The LS lane-keep assistance feature still requires driver's full attention in maintaining regular steering wheel contact.

Fukuchi says companies are bagging on technology more than its customers. He also stressed that Lexus is always looking into possibilities of putting new and advanced technologies. He mentioned that the LS is the most advanced technology within the Toyota Corporation.

Toyota Research Institute CEO, Gill Pratt says that they are in communication with everyone in the automotive industry. They know exactly what the problem is and looking for ways to resolve it.

Lexus Australia CEO, Peter McGregor highlighted that today's focus is a realm of driver assistance technology rather than full driver-less cars. Execs says that they have planned the future of the car, therefore, Lexus faithful can expect more technology to come. Also, Fukuchi predicted that the year 2020 is the perfect timing for fully autonomous cars.

The new LS symbolizes the Lexus brand and will soon be the new-generation luxury car incorporating the Japanese tradition and culture. What are your thoughts about the LS brand? Share it in the comment section below.

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