How Driving Slowly Kills the Environment, and How Sustainable Cars Can Stop it Before We Are Extinct

Dec 11, 2019 05:45 AM EST | Staff Reporter

How Driving Slowly Kills the Environment, We Need Sustainable Car Ownership or It Is Too Late
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Sustainable car ownership is the solution to lessen how driving wreaks havoc on the environment. We are not even aware of it, here are some things we can do to make it better.

One of the biggest contributors to the problem of environmental debt is what we do every day of our lives. Each time, a car drives off there is a fair exchange for the convenience of having cars. It may not be intentional but we're all earth-killers, and yes, even those riding in electric cars are guilty too. Driving slowly kills the environment too, yet most of us are unaware of it.

Through research brainiacs had been hard at work to solve the puzzle of environmental degradation. Found out, we need to reassess using cars and put into action sustainable car ownership. It is something everyone can do to help out efforts for a clean and green environment.

We all try to minimize plastic and seek to lessen trash for more re-usable resources, but cars are the next in line choking the environment. Even if we think we have done something, think of all the cars. That is your answer that cannot be denied, they are the scourge. 

Not all is lost, because we have these answers that will help in bits not piecemeal. Workable solutions are what is needed, give it enough time it can make difference. Here are our options, to consider and do.

A. Trade in your car for an EV or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle as an alternative to gas powered car.
One is the cleaner alternative to gas engines, that uses electricity to power up its power up the cells just like gas. Another is the PHEV that has a combo gas unit and electro-motor drive to propel it. These alternatives are gaining wide use and more are coming in 2020. The days of the gas engine is already numbered. It is more sustainable, though it has a mild carbon debt compared to conventional cars. Owning either one is a good start to save the environment, but it can be costlier that gas cars.

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B. Diesel is getting cleaner compared to older version of it.
What was once considered one of the dirtiest engines, but SUVS still use them because of higher torque compared to gas cars. Gasoline driven engine are also getting better, and with cleaner emissions. Call this the last days of fossil fuel burning engines. Whatever happens, the reductions in poisonous gases are also doing its job.

C. How to use your car to minimize carbon pollution for a better environment.
If either an EV or PHEV is out of reach financially, there are some stop gaps to help lessen pollution.
1. Get your car tuned up to make it more fuel efficient and use less fuel.
2. Travel lighter and keep your car light, because it burns less fuel.
3. Take time out to choose the shortest route to where you are going to calculate the least fuel used.
4. Carpool with others to use one car, this save more fuel and money by sharing one car.

D. What is needed to have sustainable cars in the future.
These are what is needed to make cars truly green and sustainable, others are in development but some are near deployment.
1. Zero energy fuel without bad by-products.

2. Support structures that do not add to the carbon footprint.
3. Car-free areas and communities with no need for cars, or less need.

Bottom line:
All these are possible with sustainable car ownership that will be effective in curbing the ill-effects of driving car. This should be a priority or using a car will make things much worse.

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