Self-Driving Shuttles will be a First Step to a Car-Free City

Oct 16, 2019 08:04 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

What would happen if cities are car-free and self-driving shuttles are in operation? Most live in either urban cities or the suburbs that means having a car is a necessity. An increasing number of cars are glutting roads and a need for more parking areas for cars! Having cars will require more space for them and more inconveniences too. An alternative is designing and planning communities that minimize the need to have cars. Steps to having a car-free community begin with having access to shuttles that take riders to destinations. Everything from going to shopping centers and supper market is done conveniently, without riding a car too! 

One of the benefits that self-driving shuttles have is it is operated autonomously and run any time of the day too. With these shuttles running in an area that should lessen the need for parking space. Especially when we need to go shopping or do something that needs to be done. Parking the car and going in, then driving back home. But if a shuttle is ridden, just wait for it and get off the place to go. Then get back to the stop and wait for the ride back home.

 Car-free communities will encourage more walking and even generate business for startups and the local merchants too! There will be less emphasis on pockets of land that are wasted for parking space too. There are other similar services like Waymo that wants to do something similar on a larger scale. Another startup that wants to create and develop driverless shuttles is Optimus ride. They want to service communities with shuttle service and earn from the windfall that comes from it!

 Efforts to engineer alternative ways to enable car-free communities and making a dynamic that discourages car use. All this is done as a disruptive technology to the present infrastructure that needs to be changed. Developing self-driving cars aren't vanity at all. Instead, it streamlines communities to lessen the need for car use. Though moving from the urban to city sprawl, is another dimension of the problem.

Why such an enterprise by startups are a good start!

1. Car-free is better because there will be fewer emissions and inconveniences like waiting for a parking space is a thing of the past!

 2. Communities that subsidize service like Optimus Ride will make trips within the area more convenient.

 3. Optimus Ride and Business can co-partner to create earning opportunities.

 4. Land wasted on parking complexes is optimized by making building and business establishments.

 5. Apps and tie ins maybe the next wave as shuttle services are subject to e-Commerce. 

 6. Communities will benefit because cars are less used and using bikes or walking is healthier too!

 This shows that giving up our cars in favor of this disruptive alternative is not a bad development. Self-driving shuttles are more efficient and they operate 24/7 and round the clock. Less need for parking space will result in a car-free environment too! A change like this will benefit the community very much.

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