Faraday Future Faces Another Embarrassing Lawsuit - This Time It Is Due To A Domain!

Feb 12, 2017 07:12 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

Faraday Future has been facing tons complaints and lawsuits from different sectors. Due to the recent failure of their latest FF 91, high profiled executives resigned and leaving the company with a huge amount of debts which made production at halt. Today, a new lawsuit arises and to everyone's surprise, it is because of a domain.

An employee named Suraj Rajwani from Domain Cable sued Faraday Future for not paying the acquired FF.com domain name. Rajwani accuses Faraday Future for not paying the 15% percent agreement in his negotiation for purchasing the domain name from Bank of America for $15 million. The complaint is currently handled by the San Francisco County Superior Court and was uncovered by Jalopnik.com.

Marcus Nelson, Faraday Future's head of corporate communications employed Rajwani to think of a company name accompanied by a domain. He also promised Rajwani to receive a fee of service together with the domain's purchase price. Rajwani negotiated to purchase FF.com from Bank of America for $150,000 but was declined.

BOA requested a $2.5 million prince in which Rajwani successfully lowered down to $1.5 million. He later reported back to Faraday, but the company decided to went directly to BOA in which they successfully purchased FF.com for $1.4 million. Rajwani is now asking Faraday Future to pay him an amount of $210,000 plus cost and expenses of the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Faraday Future denies the allegation sent by Rajwani and requested a judge to dismiss the complaint. According to a company spokesperson, FF does not comment on litigation matters. John O'Connor, plaintiffs' attorney discussed that Faraday completely went around the broker and client agreement.

"[Faraday] went around the broker, there's nothing mysterious or elusive about it. I don't think it requires the kind of discovery that one would get in an antitrust suit or an intellectual property suit. This is a pretty straightforward case."

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