Nintendo Switch News: Gamestop Allows 1000 People Pre-order For Switch; GameSeek Attention-Grabbing Price A Possible Scam?

Feb 11, 2017 11:30 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora


As reported previously, Gamestop closed pre-ordering for Nintendo Switch due to lack of units. Nintendo of America, Reggie Fil-Aime confirmed this allegation saying that the company again failed to anticipate the response.

Today, Gamestop will hold a special event in conjunction with its PowerUp Rewards Pro Day allowing first 1000 people to pre-order Nintendo Switch console. According to Dual Shockers, interested buyers need to drop by in any Gamestop store in the United States to qualify. Unfortunately, there are no further details regarding the event. Since the Nintendo Switch console is pretty much sold out everywhere in the United States, thus, Gamestop is making the most out of this opportunity.

"The event will be held today (Saturday, February 11th), and requires interested customers to drop by their local GameStop store in the United States. The press release did not provide any further detail about how it'll all work, but among those that will attend, 1,000 customers will be selected at random, and they will be able to pre-order the console," says Dual Shocker.

In other news, GameSeek unveiled their Nintendo Switch price which is relatively cheap compared to other retailers. The retailer listed the console's pre-order price for £198.50 which is incredibly more inexpensive compared to the standard UK price of £279.99. According to Nintendo Life, the retailer is honoring pre-orders. Also, GameSeek is a lesser known retailer in the UK. Thus, the pre-order price would grab some attention.

"At the moment we do take payment in advance yes. We do this to deter thieves - basically, if we can catch them before we ship the items, it helps the government and us greatly and also helps us the keep prices down for the genuine customers, ie you."

Gameseek will take full payment first to pre-order the console. But, the source questions GameSeek methods since major retailers only confirm payments and receive payments once the product is shipped. This method of payment could lead to a possible scam or inconvenience in the future.

Here's what Nintendo Life has to say, "the attention-grabbing prices will be truly delivered upon - resulting in some very pleased customers - or whether there'll be issues and claims of "less stock received than expected." With the retailer taking £198.50 a time from customers and promising a bold deal, it could face a significant backlash if it doesn't make good on the transactions."

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