Fire Emblem Heroes Tips, Tricks, and Walkthroughs: How To Beat The Game In One Week

Feb 10, 2017 12:25 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora


The new Nintendo mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, has received good critics since its launch. Today, a need for walkthroughs and tips are the most searched on the internet. Well, there are recent reported cases of gamers beating the game in just one week. These steps might be too simple but are very effective to beat the game without burning any cash.

Rule #1: Choose better heroes and don't die. Using the default team will do no good since these stars are weak. Instead, be wise in spending the first 20 orbs in building better heroes. It is important to keep characters alive because when a hero dies, they pretty much start from scratch again. Players can also drag their characters to an enemy to predict the outcome. This strategy allows players to foresee the remaining health of each character at the end of the battle.

Rule #2: Patience is a virtue. It is important to be patient during the entire course of the game. In Fire Emblem, he/she who attacks first, die first, it is because enemies could do a counterattack that could finish characters instantly (remember rule no. 1). Make sure to stand grounds all the time and allow enemies come first before attacking. Players can secure safe spots by tapping the Danger Area button; then tap End Turn to let enemies attack first.

Rule #3: Be decisive. Regarding battle, it is important to determine each enemies weakness by drawing them to reveal their stats while double tapping will reveal their equipped weapons. Next, is to do some simple math by comparing both stats, and subtracting advantages over disadvantages. Rule #4: Strategic character battle placement. Archers and mages can hit melee characters from afar also without getting backhanded. So, the most efficient campaign arrangement is to put Archers behind a wall to protect them from melee or opposing characters. But, some characters possess special abilities which break the rules of movement. Players can bag them and create unique strategies to beat the game. For example, (1) Lyn and Cordelia's super move called Galeforce which allows them to take the second turn after an attack. (2) Barter and Effie have the ability to throw allies two squares away. (3) Marth and Cherche enable to pivot skill. This ability allows Pegasus Knight and other flying units to pass through a chasm to give Martha a ride to the other side. (4) Fae, Nino, and Sully use to drawback ability to pull allies one space back. (5) Arthur, Stahl, and Subaki can swap places with partners. (6) Barst and Selena use reposition ability, while Azura sings and Olivia dances to give any unit a second chance to attack. For complete tier list, click here.

Rule #5: Optimize and diversify teams. After every battle, take the time to heal allies. Sometimes, it is tempting just only to go to the next kill. But, remember using healers means they earn more experience points. Also, another strategy for an efficient team is diversity. Bring different kinds of characters in every battle they might come in handy. Players can also add more allies by clicking the bouncing blue arrows. To add more partners, click the Edit Teams and use those arrows to fill in other allies.

Rule #6: Balance and discipline. As stated earlier, it is important to diversify teams, but it is also important to balance them out. Don't overuse strong characters, instead, battle enemies with same level characters. Also, don't use shards to level up characters. Even though it is very tempting, using them to level up means missing out on the Skill Points. These Skill Points are vital in learning new skills, therefore, save them.

Rule #7: Training Tower and Arena. Training in Towers and Arenas is a much better strategy to make characters stronger instead of story maps. In the training tower, players can choose levels that are appropriate for each player leveled characters. Higher difficulty levels can also be an option to make characters stronger. Instead of the Normal Gameplay Mode, attempt missions on Hard and Lunatic levels too.

Rule #8: Play Every Day. Yes, just by simply logging in, players will receive two orbs. Imagine playing five times a week or more that sums up to 10-14 total orbs enough to unveil a new set of five heroes.

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