Drawn To Death Release Date, Design, Trailers, and Game Plays Revealed - David Jaffe Discusses!

Feb 06, 2017 06:14 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora


High school teenager's sadistic imagination slash doodle world, Drawn to Death is coming to PlayStation 4 this April 4th. David Jaffe, game creator discussed the inspiration behind the world of Drawn to Death.

It is very evident that the new game is based on high school escapism with a sense of adolescent fantasy. According to Jaffe, the game looks and feels unique. The game supports up to 4 players only since Jaffe wants to make the gameplay really long. This allows players to explore more maps and allows hunted players to become hunters.

"We want it to be super fast (And it is!) but not so chaotic that you can't track what you need to track. For us, it's imperative that Drawn to Death players are able to focus on specific enemy behavior," says Jaffe.

When it comes to Jaffe favorite character, he named Ninjaw as his favorite. He expressed that all characters are unique in terms of mechanics. Ninjaw can grapple and fly across different levels. She can do backflips and air shield to protect herself. She can also track weaker enemies and throw sharks at bad guys. This information gives everyone a taste of what Drawn To Death gameplay is about.

A weapon name called The Shaxe was also named. It is a cross-idea between a shotgun and an ax. In order to pull it off, players should pass through a mini-game in order to its starter cord. Once done, gamers can throw blades and create a lot of damage.

Also, Jaffe expressed how God of War lead him to create more playing games. He mentioned that Drawn to Death will include story modes but it will focus more on play mechanics. "Persistence is crucial. But at end of the day, it's about giving players the feeling of fun so that they'll want to return and have that feeling - dependably - again and again." To see the full interview, check PlayStation Blog. Drawn to Death can be sold for $19.99.

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