[SPOILERS] Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Jump Preview - Confirming Goku's New Transformation

Feb 08, 2017 04:50 AM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora


Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 unveiled the new arc for the Dragon Ball Super franchise which is the Universal Survival Arc. As the hype train continues, Funimation teased its fans with a new opening intro with Goku fighting an unknown character. But, an interesting segment shows off a probable new Super Saiyan transformation form for Goku himself.

So, it has been a never-ending debate whether Goku will exceed the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. AWN did a thorough research to prove that Goku will indeed exceed the Super Saiyan Blue state. But, just a good reminder all facts stated interprets fan theories and predictions. Therefore, readers should take each information with a grain of salt.

First, let's start with what's shown in the new arc's intro "Limit Break." Goku takes a stand to power-up into a Super Saiyan state. Usually, this happens when Goku is either directly powering up or transforming into another Super Saiyan form. Next, a photo showing an entirely new Goku. But, some suggest that this could just be the well known Kaio Ken. Lastly, Goku faces an utterly mysterious creature which pushes him to reach his limits.

To summarize, the new intro showed Goku probably attempting to unveil a new Super Saiyan form. According to Dai Shinkan Emosh youtube video, the Super Saiyan Blue is not 100% confirmed to be the epitome of the Super Saiyan ascension. Therefore, it leads to a possibility Goku exceeding the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

Remember the time when Goku and Vegeta trained in Beerus lair in which they ended up in Whis' other dimension? Clearly, the result of that training leads to incredible godly ki control for both characters. Basing on that information, Goku might exhibit a more controlled Ki in the upcoming episodes. As shown in the intro as well, Goku has completely engulfed himself with somehow like the classic Kaio Ken which signifying him reaching new heights of power. Also, as genius as Goku appears when it comes to unveiling new powers, its is not impossible for him to unleash a new state.

Now, basing it in a fan's perspective, showing off a new form will entirely set a new tone for Dragon Ball Super. Of course, everyone does not want to get stuck with the same shape all the time, unless it is the end of the entire saga. It is highly predictable that the Dragon Ball Super creators will reveal another interesting part of the new arc (Goku and Vegeta's new Super Saiyan Form perhaps?). Also, based on experience, every time Goku reaches his limits a new phenomenon happens which makes him transform into a new Super Saiyan Form. Nonetheless, everything will be answered once the Multiverse Tournament begins.

For Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Jump Preview, reliable source, Herms98 posted the synopsis for the upcoming episode. It says, "The Tournament of Might will determine the strongest warriors in the universes, but it has an alarming rule that all universes except that of the winning team will be wiped out. What's more, an Omni-Present fighting match attended by the Omni-King is now also going to be held." Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 airs every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

Again, all information comes from fan's theories and predictions. What are your thoughts in Goku's new transformation? Are you looking forward to a Vegeta Transformation as well? Share it in the comment section below.

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