[Leak} Report Claims Capcom Is Working On Three Upcoming Titles: How True Are They?

Feb 10, 2017 01:24 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora


Today, a community forum website declared that Capcom is currently creating three upcoming titles. These titles are named Knights of Aegis, Broken Horizon, and Lost Star. There is no release date, nor gameplay details to support this allegation. Therefore, readers should take every information with a grain of salt.

According to a website named GBATemp.net, the said upcoming titles are either locked for release, or at the early stages of development. The forum specifically mentioned an inside source confirming the allegation. The site detailed a short synopsis of each upcoming titles to support these claims.

Knights of Ages. "1974, New York City. You are recruited into the Order of Aegis, an elite brotherhood of Mystic Knights sworn to protect and keep the peace between the mortal and supernatural realms.When a powerful evil stirs in the darkness, you must master the ancient powers of the past to save humanity's future."

Broken Horizon. "Two centuries after they were abandoned on the planet of Eden, a group of colonists continue to fight for survival. Team up in 4 player co-op Mech Suit gameplay and battle the planet's hostile environment, human raiders and ever increasing alien threat to control the planet's life-force, T-Eng."

Lost Stars. "A Renegade Crew aboard a small Spacecraft, the Lost Star, is traveling at the Edge of the Galaxy, salvaging anything of value. When they come across an Ancient Map, the crew is unwillingly thrust into the ultimate battle between good and evil."

The writer of the website clearly stands to say that this report is 100% legit. It was also mentioned that numerous documents and images were given to them, and due to heavy watermarking, the writer is incapacitated to post.

Well, clearly there are a lot of people stating that it is a false news (the writer even said it). Some of the comments point out that the photos posted are too generic, and looked like something capture from Google.

What are your thoughts about this announcement? Do you believe their story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. AWN will do an investigation regarding this matter.

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