Driverless And Green Cars To Dominate 2017, Other Trends That Will Impact The Auto Industry's Future [VIDEO]

Dec 26, 2016 07:00 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Driverless and green cars are expected to be the trend in the auto industry in the most highly developed countries during 2017. This has become evident as big car companies are now focusing on building autonomous cars as well as hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric cars. These types of vehicles are known to have zero emissions, which will help sustain a clean and safe environment.

In fact, a lot of innovation and new discoveries have resulted to the development of driverless and green cars. While in the past, an electric car was just a small prototype of what would soon be released to the market, today it can accommodate a long drive and two or more passengers. Technology has been developed that can make driverless and green cars become available to almost anyone who can afford it, according to Tech Crunch.

The year 2017 is also predicted to be the year when driverless and green cars will be controlled by either Google or Apple. Apple has been rumored to have initiated Project Titan, which refers to the production of autonomous cars while Google was also known to be working toward the building of autonomous cars through Waymo, a separate entity established for that purpose, according to Providence Auto Group.

Another trend to expect in 2017 is having driverless and green cars for rent. Uber had started that trend and it is expected that other companies will do the same, especially if the said move receives a positive reaction from the riding public. People can now drive whatever brand of car they want without the need to buy one. Affordable hourly or daily rentals will make renting a car more appealing than buying one, according to Car and Driver.

Aside from driverless and green cars, in 2017, analyzing customers' preferences will greatly help car companies to make sound adjustments to production schedules.

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