LA Car Show 2016: City Might Not Be Ready To Rethink Car

Nov 23, 2016 10:28 AM EST | Leonora

The Los Angeles Car Show held November 17 to 18 presented futuristic cars designed using the latest technology and innovations that would best answer the future demands of society.

In a city where a car has become an essential commodity due to its numerous freeways, the car show has given vehicle owners a chance to see what awaits them in the future.

The venue is apt for the show considering that Los Angeles is considered as the home of electric car business. However, LA proper has a lot of catching up to do with Silicon Valley as bumper to bumper traffic has become a daily issues among commuters.

According to the results of  survey released last Tuesday by Inrix, a data company, drivers in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana has the worst cumulative delay of any U.S. metropolitan area, with a total of 81 hours spent idling on the road.

Unveiled in the LA car show are the latest car models that have complied with the rules on emission. Battery operated and lightweight, these cars offer great savings on fuel and a cleaner environment.

Among the cars unveiled the iType of Jaguar, a powerful electric crossover, the refreshed e-Gulf of Volkswagen, and the plug in hybrid Pacifica of Chrysler.

It must be noted that LA caters to celebrity culture and its citizens prefer cars with big names and great speed and so the LA Car show included the stately Maybach convertible of Mercedes Benz, a vivacious Vanquish S. Racing of Aston Martin, the RT 24-P of Mazda and the Civic Si of Honda.

While the event succeeded in gathering all big names in the car industry, conversations were subdued and there was an absence of the excited chatter about a dominant car.

In his keynote address, Ford CEO Mark Fields warned automakers regarding the future of the auto industry under the administration of Donald Trump. Trump has proposed a tariff of 35 percent on Mexican vehicles.

The subdued atmosphere was also aggravated by the possibility that Trump will continue with Obama's emission standards. Auto makers believed that the low demand for electric vehicles might necessitates revision of some rules.

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