Mercedes-AMG to Release Super Efficient Hyper Car in 2019; See F1 Car Racer Dominate the Streets

Nov 25, 2016 04:58 AM EST | Leonora

Mercedes-AMG is on its way to release in 2019 a hypercar that is more efficient and superior than other hypercars now dominating the streets. Using the F1 technology, this still unnamed car is expected to be supreme both in speed and fuel efficiency.

The F1 or Formula 1 is a racing car made by Mercedes-AMG and has won in almost all car races it has entered. In 2015, it won 16 out of 19 rounds to grab the championship once again.

This project is not only all about speed and efficiency. It aims to make people see what F1 has achieved in terms of efficiency and technological advancements in the past year, according to MG chief executive Tobias Moers.

What makes the hypercar project unique is that it will take F1 car racers from the tracks and make them ply the roads, according to Mercedes Sales and Marketing head Ola Kallenius.

The upcoming car by this German automaker will not just be patterned after the F1. With all its capabilities, it is actually the F1 made to be driven by the public and ply the streets every day.

The Mercedes-AMG hypercar will run on 1000bhp, which is a great improvement to the previous 700bhp during the time of the hybrid system and higher than the 903bhp of McLaren P1 and almost at par with 986bhp of the LaFerrrari, according to Research and Development chief of Mercedes, Dr. Thomas Weber.

With this speed, one can just imagine this hypercar whizzing on the streets like a bullet while consuming minimal fuel. There is a high possibility that the car will be a plug-in hybrid and will not emit CO2, a gas that is harmful to the environment.

Priced at up to $2,000,000, a few car enthusiasts have placed their orders once the project was publicly announced.

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