Worn Out Tire Threads Warn Car Owners of Mechanical Problems; How to Understand These Signs

Nov 30, 2016 04:42 AM EST | Leonora

The signs of wear and tear found in car tires may indicate mechanical problems regarding the vehicle and they should not be ignored by car owners if they want to be safe at all times.

Worn tire treads and their location could indicate some problems with the vehicle that cannot be easily seen. For instance, car tires that reveal more wear and tear on the inside and outside tread faces would mean that the wheels are misaligned. Such condition is caused by ball joints that are loose or worn or by a control arm that is bent, according to Driving.

Replacing these parts may reduce future maintenance costs, including the possibility of changing tires frequently.

 Car tires worn on the edges but not on the center area of the tread may be running on less pressure than what is recommended by the manufacturer. When it is the center edges of the tread that show more wear, then, this means that there is too much pressure on the tire, according to Tire information-world.com.

Too much pressure may cause the tire to blow out, resulting to an accident, which could have been prevented if the signs revealed by the tire tread had been given proper attention immediately.

Cupped or scalloped tire tread is indicative of damaged suspension components or defective shock absorbers, according to PM.

The cups or scallops are caused by the bouncing of the tires as the vehicle moves and going down hard on some areas of the tire, causing the dents.

By being observant and knowledgeable regarding signs manifested by tire treads wear, car owners will be able to replace defective parts that may cause accidents while driving. This will help car owners avoid costly maintenance and repairs because parts that are damaged are replaced timely, preventing the problem to worsen and cost more.

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