Volvo to Build Redesigned S60 in New US Plant; Modular Chassis Technology Holds Great Promise

Nov 30, 2016 08:04 AM EST | Leonora

Volvo S60 will be redesigned using the modular chassis technology developed by Volvo Automakers itself, and will be built in the newly acquired plant in South Carolina, USA. Its unveiling is scheduled in the middle of 2017 and the release date will be in 2018.

Using modular chassis technology known as Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), Volvo expects to make several new car and SUV models using the design, considering that it is flexible.

With the flexible chassis design, production in the Volvo plant in South Carolina is expected to step up to meet the demand after the 2018 expected release of the redesigned car. This means the Volvo S60 will soon be available in markets all over the world.

SPA will critically affect the way Volvo cars are priced because of its many cost-saving features. The SPA has given the company a new technological start, with most of the components for the upcoming car models unique and new, according to Volvo R&D head, Dr Peter Mertens.

The redesigned car will be unveiled in the middle of 2017, and full production to peak in the last months of that year, with the rease scheduled in 2018, according to carsintrend.

The redesigned S60 is assumed to be using similar technology used in the S90, which uses semi-autonomous driving technology. It is expected to fulfill Volvo's promise of an absolutely safe car, with no record of death or injury until 2020. The new S60 is expected to be priced similarly or a little bit higher than the existing S60s today.

The current S60 model has been leading in terms of sales in the United States as of October of 2016, with more than a thousand cars sold, according to Volvo Car USA.

Considering that the S60 Volvo will have turbo-charged engine, improved and high-tech infotainment system called Sensus, Volvo automakers can expect a hike in sales with the redesigned S60 because of its reliability and safety, which have been the trademark of all Volvo cars.

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