Can You Pass up on the Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck with the Best E-Pickup Specs?

Dec 23, 2019 06:54 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Can You Pass up the Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck with the Best E-Pickup Specs
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Another startup joining the fray is Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck that will be competing in the upcoming e-SUV soon.

Publicity is the key, and Tesla has made it very obvious that selling e-Vehicles attracts with it more buyers. Here comes another player into the e-Pickup throw down, that is the upcoming three-way between Cybertruck, Rivian RT1, and the Bollinger B1 and B2. So far, other carmakers do not have an e-Pickup ready, and one of them is Ford that teased with the F-150. That might not count because Ford has no prototype yet and have to see how the e-Mustang does on sale.

 Another startup, Lordstown has thrown in their bet in the e-Pickup wars for full-electric pickups. A new upstart EV carmaker is upping the stakes to manufacture 500,000 units a year. When Tesla is trying it's been to supply all orders, Rivian and Bollinger are trying to get started selling their trucks. It shows how frantic all the activities are to beat everyone to the gun. So, far only an image and other specs are on paper and nothing much else.

 The Endurance e-Pickup has a bit to surpass compared to rivals, having a prototype ready for the show circuit is important. Competition is everywhere and buyers will want at least 200 miles-cruising range as a minimum requirement for an e-SUV. It will be built with unique manufacturing methods and from scratch as a brand-new unit, from the ground up. Buyers will have another EV to choose from.

 For starters, there are some facts that should be known to everyone. Though at this stage, nothing is solid yet and information is needed till final unveiling. But, here is information that is made available by the startup to attract buyers.

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First buyers will have the base model cost $52,500 with a reduced price of $45,000 after tax-deductions are implemented. So, far this is just speculative compared to the Cybertruck price of $39,000 +. Electric cars like the Model 3, Model S, and Model X are expensive compared to conventional cars though cheaper to operate for the long term.

 It's Endurance Truck has an all-wheel drive, quad in-wheel motors similar to the Taycan or Mission E. For buyers, the in-wheel quad motor looks good but not all EVs are using it. One speculation is that having it will need special brakes, thus add more to the cost due to custom parts for the e-Pickup.

The Model X has 500 horses as the power output, keeping this spec will be important for Lordstown to match the Rivian RT1 and the Bollinger e-Trucks. Expected specs of the battery are 70-80 kWh as the base, charging is 10-hours at 7 kW to top it up. Seems to be a low number for customers to consider an e-Pickup for loading stuff that should be more. Hard sell for the most part, when the Cybertruck is touted to carry more than other e-Pickups.

Extras that come with the box are OTA (over the air updates), and with 3.6 kW to power other things like tools etc. This is similar to what Elon Musk has made over publicity stints for the Cybertruck. With everything that Endurance truck has to offer, next is the actual truck itself. Are customers going to flock to get it? Nothing is set in stone, and it will be evident soon, who wins the e-Truck showdown. 

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