Top Reasons Why SUVs Will Transform to Gas Guzzling Beasts to Zero Emission Solutions and More

Nov 04, 2019 11:52 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Emerging EV Startup Bollinger is Developing a Battery Electric Powered E-Pickup as An SUV Alternative
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Pickup trucks are getting a thorough make-over, forget Elon Musk's answer to the green SUV alternative. The EV startup "Bollinger" took another style to Elon's cyber-punk E-Pickup.

Zero-emissions is a problem with SUVs that are getting a bad rep. Nothing stays the same, in the US and other markets, they love their gas-guzzling beasts. As practical options, with better mobility and style. Expect the current trend to an electric powertrain to follow soon. Transforming SUVs is the way to a cleaner environment. 

1. Tesla and other startups with big car makers are recognizing the market.

 Bringing their best E-SUVs, hoping to unveil it first to get the best advantage. E- trucks made by Tesla, Rivian, and Bollinger are hoping to make it big. Betting it will be the best-selling E-SUV in the next few years. 

 2. Development of Solar, Electric, and Hydrogen as an alternative fuel for all vehicles.

 EVs are selling like hotcakes all over. But, Toyota is gunning for hydrogen-powered cars to take on the EVs. Sono is betting on its solar-charged electric vehicle to get headway. Any of them can power an SUV with zero-emission fuel or energy. Any car can run on any fuel, with the technology as the limitation. An electric SUV will accelerate fast than an ICE SUV. A V-6 engine will put out about 350 hp and up to 400 torque pounds. The Bollinger B2 has 400+ hp and higher torque for good towing power.

3. Car companies will lose out big-time if they don't develop their own E-SUVs.

 SUV is the king of sales and killing the sedan, minivan category. Old models are retired to be reborn as hybrids or electric vehicles. More SUV, crossovers is on the floor with fewer sedans. Ford's has the E-Mustang ready to be sold soon. Other carmakers will follow suit with GMC, that will put out an electric hummer.

 5. Customers will buy E-SUVs because there will be incentives for it.

 Gas-powered cars are costing dollars to clean the environment. Car buyers are encouraged to let go of their polluting SUV. Get an electric or hybrid SUV instead and get rewards for caring to save the environment. In California having an electric or hybrid is encouraged, with some extras in doing so. Especially with incentives that save money for car buyers who opt for them.

6. Traditional SUVs that have internal combustion engines (ICE) are expensive to maintain.

  Power mills that are V-6 or V-8 are hard to maintain as it ages and costs money. An electric powertrain will be cheaper in the long run because of the electric car battery. Less is spent compared to an ageing SUV that gives off more carbon emissions.

 SUVs have a bad rep as gas guzzlers and zero-emission violators for now. Evolution of SUV concepts into fully electric is on the way, with the first E-Pickups coming soon as clean and green. They are popular, and it may be the next form as electric will be inevitable. Will an E-SUV be the next car for everyone soon? Odds are it will be, do you agree.

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