Tesla's Cybertruck Line Sells at $39,900: Is it Worth it?

Nov 28, 2019 10:46 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Tesla's Cybertruck Is Worth $39,900, Do You Agree?
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Once again the Tesla magic will come again as the Cybertruck. Will this retro-future e-SUV leave its mark or join other endeavours like the Edsel?

Another bombshell has exploded in the automotive world, and as usual, Tesla has made the news. Like Steve Jobs, the presentation electrified everyone until the big reveal on the stage. The Tesla Cybertruck was different from all the reports and speculations that preceded the big reveal, it was not what everyone expected. A side shot to this is the Dubai Police force is willing to fork out the money to get one of their own. They are famous for purchasing the most exotic supercars on the planet and have an extensive collection. Another is the price of $39,900 is the given tag price, but it can change.

Tesla's influence on the electric car market and the soon to be hotly contested e-SUV niche. No doubt, SUV fans are lining up to get this hot item. So, much that 250,000 orders were tendered by interested parties. Design of the truck was something from one of the corny Sci-Fis that featured a wedged and angular body. Far from the more retro and boxy B-1 and B-2 Bollinger offering and the Rivian, the wedge makes it look-like a land-based F-111 stealth plane. So, there is a boxy and yet sleek design which is so far very unique compared to the typical Tesla style.

1. Passenger Capacity

Inside the minimalist interior with few interfaces except for the central LCD screen, it can seat six people inside. Comfortable seats that are optimized for the passengers, to sit it for hours without any discomfort.

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2. Uncommon Construction Materials
Remember Space X Starship? The Cybertruck is not far from its design language, with a stainless steel body that deflects dents and does not corrode easily. These cars are the safest on the road, with no exception.

3. Ultra-Strong Car Glass
The glass used for the e-Pickup resists shattering when most car glass just breaks in severe collisions. But, it broke when items were thrown at it, contrary to what Tesla claims. But, a good step to personal safety for all passengers in the event of a collision.

4. Three kinds of drivetrains
Is this the takeout of the EV world? Pick from several drive layouts, from a single motor equipped with RWD, dual-motor including all-wheel drive, and last is the triple motor electric drivetrain. These drivetrains offer a variety of motive power and options depending on personal preference. A maximum of 500-miles range is the limit for the trimotor package, that is more than a Taycan.

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 5. Fast as a supercar
Electric vehicles accelerate fast compared to conventional ones, this e-Pickup will go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds which is fast! EVs are set to become the next supercars with the next generation coming soon!

6. Towing power of 14,000 lbs. and can carry up to 3500 lbs.

 Electric power has been under-rated, but this does pull 14,000 lbs. and carries 3500 lbs. on the truck bed. Conventional diesel-powered trucks have less capacity than this, so this EV is setting new standards for EV performance.

Does that justify the Tesla Cybertruck and its price tag, that comes with other cool tricks. It's just the beginning, but if the Dubai police like it, then it must be good.

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