Nissan Aiming For Level 4 Autonomous Driving By 2020

Aug 31, 2016 07:45 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Nissan announced its new ProPilot system will be smart enough to navigate more complex driving scenarios like navigating through an intersection by the turn of the decade. The automaker however refrained from divulging further details about how it aims to achieve the higher level of driving autonomy.

Currently, Nissan offers self-driving feature only on its Serena vans and is the first and only Japanese car maker to offer such a feature, Neikki mentioned. Also, unlike the Tesla Autopilot system which relies on several strategically placed sensors and radar to allow the Model S and Model X to drive itself, Nissan has only a single camera placed behind the front rear-view mirror to achieve the same.

As such, its not know whether future ProPilot system will call for the placement of additional sensors to allow for more accurate driving characteristics. As of now, the feed from the single camera is processed by an advanced image processing software that allows the vehicle to respond to varying on-road scenarios.

Currently, the ProPilot system ony allows for driving along single lane roads. The system is also able to guide the car follwing lane markings so that the car remains centered, even along curves. Further, the system can track the vehicle in front and stop at a safe distance if the car in front also stops.

According to Motor1, the ProPilot sytem has control over the steering, brake and accelerator but requires the driver to have his hands on the steering at all times for the system to remain engaged. This is unlike the Tesla AutoPilot that enables the driver to take his hands off the steering though that's not recommended by the company. Tesla also stated they are introducing measures that will force the driver to remain more attentive even while in AutoPilot mode in wake of a string of crases involving its Autopilot system.

Nissan, meanwhile stated they hope to introduce its ProPilot system to more of its cars elsewhere in the world inclding those sold in the US.

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