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Autonomous Nissan Leaf to be demonstrated on UK roads

UK Government Grants Funding For Driverless Cars To Hit Roadways & Motorways In 2019

The UK government is aggressively pushing and is providing funding for testing driverless cars to hit roadways and motorways by 2019. more

BMW AG Presents 2007 Results

BMW To Open An Autonomous Driving Center In Germany

BMW has already entered itself into self-driving production with plans to release an autonomous electric car by 2021. more

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot Feature To Come Out This December

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot To Launch This December [VIDEO]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the latest autopilot upgrade will roll out in mid-December. more

Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes Stated It Would Sacrifice Pedestrians If Needed To Ensure Safety Of Its Occupants

While making the above statement, Mercedes though stated its autonomous tech is so designed to prevent such crunch situations in the first place. more

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Google's Autonomous Driving Car Hits New Mileage Record

Google is on a roll with developing self-driving technology with at least 300 years of driving experience to boot, hitting new strides with self-driving cars as they finally covered two million miles but it is still far from the technology’s ultimate end goals. more

Volvo S90

New Volvo 90 Series Caught Undergoing Tests In The US, 'Drive Me' Autonomous Drive Tech Will Cost $10k Extra

Volvo CEO has stated that it will use its 'Drive Me' autonomous drive tech to make premium cars have an even more premium appeal to them. more

Audi's E-Tron Quattro All-Electric SUV

Is The Tesla Model S Already Offering What The Audi A9 Promises To Do At The Turn Of The Decade?

There is some new competition brewing for Tesla Model S now that Audi has cleared for production the new Audi A9. That said, the new A9 is not expected to be ready before the end of the decade, which gives ample time for Tesla to further build on its expertise and come up with perhaps a successor to the Model S. more

Nissan Autopilot

Nissan Aiming For Level 4 Autonomous Driving By 2020, Will Be Able To Tackle Intersection Then

Nissan announced its new ProPilot system will be smart enough to navigate more complex driving scenarios like navigating through an intersection by the turn of the decade. The automaker however refrained from divulging further details about how it aims to achieve the higher level of self-driving autonomy. more

Volvo Logo

Volvo To Launch An Autonomous-Driving Experiment In China

Volvo plans to test on public Chinese roads self-driving cars with local civilians "behind the wheel." more

Google's Self-Driving Car Pulled Over

Google's Self-Driving Car Pulled Over By Cop In California

What happens when a self-driving car is pulled over by the cops? more

2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith Picture

Rolls-Royce Plans 'Robotic Chauffeurs'

Parent company BMW is developing self-driving technology that will likely benefit Rolls-Royce customers in the near future. more

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