Tesla Software V8.0 Reaches Final Evaluation Stage Even As Autopilot System Sees 20% Price Hike

Aug 26, 2016 10:20 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Chief Executive Elon Musk said version 8.0 of Tesla software is now undergoing 'final review'. Once past that, it will provide for a major boost to the Tesla Autopilot system.

Musk was speaking during the launch of the new higher capacity battery enabled P100D models when he spoke of the latest version of the Tesla operating system reaching the final testing phase.

"One thing I should say though is that with version 8 of the software, which is hopefully going to final review right now, there will be material improvements in the autonomy of the car," said Musk as reported by Electrek. "I think the amount of work that has been going into version 8.0 will be very noticeable."

Unfortunately, that was all that Musk revealed as he refused to take any queries regarding Tesla Autopilot system. The said version is already known to have entered with beta testing phase back in June.

Musk also stated the new software will be available to all Tesla vehicles that have the autopilot system enabled. Worth mentioning, all Tesla vehicles produced since October 2014 already come equipped with the necessary hardware such as sensors and radars according to autopilot requirements.

However, it still happens to be a software decision for users to turn on the autopilot system. Users can opt for it when ordering the car by paying an extra $3,000, or $3,500 after having taken delivery of the car.

Interestingly, the prices mentioned above are $500 more than the rate that was applicable even a few days back. In fact, it was jacked up even as Musk was announcing the new P100D Model S/X, Electrek further reported. That makes for a rather steep 20 percent increase which Tesla later justified will be a better measure of its value.

Surely that's a bold management decision to better uphold a feature that has seen its popularity dip in recent times in the wake of a series of crashes worldwide.

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